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News Release: Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to Honor Veterans on Armed Forces Day

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to Honor Veterans on Armed Forces Day Bugles Across America Joins with Local High School Musicians for ...

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Barletta Welcomes SHINE Students to U.S. Capitol

Barletta Welcomes SHINE Students to U.S. Capitol Continues to lead bipartisan efforts on behalf of afterschool programs nationwide   WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta ...

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Jacksonville Business Wins Fight to Fly Military Flags – City Official Had Told Veteran His Service Didn’t Matter

By Rusty | Featured Contributor | THE POLITICAL INSIDER A Jacksonville business successfully won its battle with the city over their right to fly militaryflags, but ...

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How Democrats are Trying to Steal Seats from Republicans in 2018

                            ~ Conservative Zone With the midterms coming around the corner, Democrats are lining up new strategies to try to take conservative ...

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Cuomo's Parolee Voting Decree: Good Politics, Bad Policy

He's considering pardons for all 35,000 felons currently on parole in New York. He wants the votes. By Jordan Candler · ...

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Look Around You: Do You Still Think America Won the Cold War?

By Timothy Daughtry at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of   American teenagers march ...

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The Kids Should Vote, They Say

There's a growing and transparently agenda-driven movement to lower the voting age to 16. By Brian Mark Weber · at The Patriot ...

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Has giving leftists what they want made America better?

By Lloyd Marcus at Renew America Leftists have made huge gains in stripping Godly traditional principles and values from our ...

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President Trump and the Attorney-Client Privilege

By Judge Andrew Napolitano from Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of   A few ...

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After Giuliani Joins Trump, Comey Admits Ordering Investigation Because of Rudy

BY JOE SAUNDERS /Conservative Tribune Call it a pre-emptive smear. With former FBI Director James Comey’s book tour going from media blitz to media bust, ...

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At Monday evenings East Penn School Board meeting, a meeting where School Board Director Charles Ballard placed a motion to censure fellow School Board Director Lynn Donches,  the East Penn public finally had its say.  With a packed house in support of Ms. Donches, citizen after citizen went to the podium to support Lynn Donches and inform the School Board and Ballard just what they thought of the abuse that Lynn Donches has endured.

Over the last three and a- half years, the East Penn School Board and Administration has put up artificial road blocks to the requests of Ms. Donches for details of the Budget line-items and expenses entailed.  But Lynn Donches holds dear her responsibility to the taxpayers and students of East Penn and refused to be intimidated by the attacks of the board.  School Director and former PSBA Vice-President Charles Ballard has called Lynn Donches (at Board meetings) “a Nazi”, “a communist”, “a snake in the grass” and claimed she used “Nazi tactics defined in Mein Kampf”.

Recently, Lynn Donches revealed that East Penn had secretly buried hazardous asbestos waste on the Wescoesville Elementary School grounds.  In a Morning Call article it was pointed out that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources declined to investigate.  HOWEVER, THE MORNING CALL AND EAST PENN NEGLECT TO INFORM YOU THE REASON THE PADEP IS NOT INVESTIGATING IS BECAUSE THE FEDERAL EPA HAS AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO THIS APPARENT ILLEGAL ACT.  Furthermore, Charles Ballard admitted in the Morning Call story that he moved to censure Donches as retaliation against Donches!  We certainly hope the EPA learns of this as well!

With the public comment on record and a near full house of supporters (of Donches) at hand, item #11 came up for a vote.  Item #11 was Ballard’s motion to censure Lynn Donches.  Ballard meekly made the motion but not one fellow East Penn School Board member seconded Ballard’s motion to censure.  Therefore, the motion died for a lack of a second!  However, Ballard attempted to speak on his motion.  Board President Alan Earnshaw correctly denied Ballard because the issue was dead but Ballard insisted that he be given the courtesy of the floor, whereupon he said that he had to address evil and the stench of evil.  Also, in the Morning Call article, Ballard said that he was proud to have that segment of the public as his political enemies.


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