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State Senator Bob Mensch.  (file photo for the Independent/Geoff Patton)

Weekly Session Wrap-Up--State Senator Mensch's Report

      Week of June 11, 2018 In this Edition: Mensch Urges Governor to Sign Bill Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities Senate ...

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Smucker and Foxx Urge Department of Labor Action to Fight Opioids

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) and Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (NC-05) today sent a letter to ...

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Conservative Icon Charles Krauthammer Faces Death with Dignity

~ Conservative Zone The former Democrat who emerged as a leading conservative voice influenced American thought through words and inspired millions ...

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Study: Fewer Children of Divorce Get Degrees

Research considers impact of divorce on professional degree achievement Getty Images BY: Charles Fain Lehman/ the Washington Free Beacon The children of divorced parents ...

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Man Gets 6 Years in Prison for Threatening Sen. Joni Ernst

AP   Katherine Rodriguez/Breitbart News Network A judge sentenced an Iowa man to six years in federal prison on Wednesday for sending a ...

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Justice Department IG Report: FBI Agents Regularly Received Free Handouts From Journalists

Joe Simonson / @SaysSimonson / The Daily Signal Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, speaks at a press conference on the ...

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Kerry Picket | Reporter The Daily Caller Former FBI Director James Comey and other bureau employees told investigators they thought Department of Justice prosecutors ...

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Major Revelation From Recent IG Report Shows Obama Had DIRECT ACCESS To Hillary’s Illegal Email Server

by Doyle Alexander /en-volve     A recent report compiled by U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz makes public new allegations and contradicts ...

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Where’s The Justice?! Obama Appointed Judge Pulls One Straight Out Of The Russian Play Book, JAILS Manafort

by Doyle Alexander /envolve   In a soviet-style court-move leftist Obama appointee Judge Amy Berman known for hatred of Trump and conservatives said, “I ...

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Report: GOP Leaders Hammer Rosenstein Over ‘Intimidation’ Tactics and ‘Chilling’ Threats

By Chris Agee /WJ Some Republicans are ratcheting up the rhetoric against Rod Rosenstein following recent reports. The deputy U.S. attorney general, who assumed ...

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Thursday Night We Rocked Pottstown and It’s Politicians for 76


From the PA Liberty Alliance

Hats off to Casey Bralla and the Coalition Advancing Freedom! They lead the charge for this campaign in Pottstown, western Montgomery and northern Chester Counties. Of course they had some help from the PA Liberty Alliance, CLASTA, Berks County Patriots, Citizens for Liberty, Valley Forge Patriots, Berks Tea Party and the Tri-county Campaign for Liberty who pounded the pavements for 3 Saturdays in and around Pottstown, donated time and money.

we rocked image 1we rocked image 2

Many thanks to Sen Mensch and Rafferty for sending representation to the meeting to echo their support for 76. But the MOST surprising occurrence was the apparent turn about of Rep Hennessey! He has reservations and apparently didn’t understand parts of the presentation, but he stated at least 3 times (and we have him on video) that he will now sponsor 76! Can you believe it?

See the article in the Pottstown Mercury.

we rocked image 3we rocked image 4

Of course, the MAN OF THE HOUR who stood in for David Baldinger and the roar of 220 angry constituents probably had something to do with that! RON BOLTZ made a lot of friends, just blew away the crowd and took away every excuse anyone could ever have for NOT supporting 76! Way to go Ron…we are ALL so proud of you!

we rocked image 5

The power of the people, NOT the special interests ruled the evening AND we will rule the state by passing 76!


we rocked image 6

Voters came out in droves, stood in line to sign the petitions and listened and spoke out for 2 hours at this highly influential and effective Property Tax Independence Act Townhall Meeting. Yes I said “voters”. When asked who votes, almost every hand went up.

we rocked image 7we rocked image 8

When asked how folks heard about the townhall, the overwhelming response by show of hands was the half and full page newspaper ads.

Let’s keep up the efforts and PLEASE join us for the next campaign to be announced shortly. There were several districts and non-sponsors tossed around last night. Find out who’s next…

Maybe you just cannot physically help us…you’re working or out of town or whatever the reason. DON”T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM HELPING!! We will continue to run ads, tens of thousands of robo-calls and direct mailers and that costs $$$. We are also looking at advertising on billboards. Please chip in whatever you can: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford. Send donations to: PA Liberty Alliance, PO Box 98, Bethel PA 19507. The special interests are well funded and well organized. It’s time for US to do the same.

Let’s not take these politicians for granted! I suggest everyone calls or emails Sen Mensch and Rafferty and thank them for their public message that they WILL FIGHT for this bill. Of course we will HOLD THEM TO IT.

we rocked image 9

Call Rep Hennessey and thank him for his change of heart but REMIND him of his COMMITTMENT that we will surely hold him accountable if he doesn’t follow through and sponsor, get educated and then vote for bill. Over 500 of his constituents signed the 76 petition that will be delivered to him soon.


Representative Tim Hennessey

Senator John Rafferty

Senator Bob Mensch

we rocked image 10

Special thanks to John McCartney, Grace Strittmatter, Linda and Sam Brancadora as they are ALWAYS there devoting themselves to the cause. John McCartney capped off the evening with a laugh and powerful story about why we need to help one another and not simply look out for ourselves as we are ALL connected to this oppressive and discriminating school tax.

For Property Tax Independence,
Dean Klopp, President
PA Liberty Alliance

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