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Do you think it is ok for school administrators to strip-search our kids?


From the Lehigh Valley Tea Party

Do you think it is ok for school administrators to strip-search our kids?


We don’t.

Recently, the Saucon Valley School District considered updating their policy regarding student searches because it had not been updated in about 10 years.  The board’s attorney recommended using the standard text from the National School Board Association manual.

However, after an initial vote to proceed, one of the school board members realized that this policy would actually allow school administrators to conduct strip searches, if they thought it necessary.

How can this be?  As it turns out, the US Supreme Court ruled on this issue in 2009.  They decided that any given search of a student might violate the child’s 4th amendment rights, but not all searches without a warrant, necessarily do.   They further stated that a search by an administrator must consider the circumstances (what they are searching for, and the evidence at hand) as well as the child’s age and gender.

The LVTP Executive Board feels that we must protect our children from unreasonable search at school, and that only uniformed police of the same gender should conduct a strip search, not school administrators.  Further, a child’s parents must be notified immediately of any intent to search.

In the end, the Saucon Valley School District agreed with us and passed a “no-strip search” policy.  Currently, Allentown and Salisbury are the only other school districts in the Lehigh Valley with such a policy.

So, we have started a Student Search Project to fix this.  We will contact school districts across the entire Lehigh Valley asking them to pass the same “no strip search” policy as Saucon Valley.   We’ll then attend board meetings to make sure they do.  We may need to distribute flyers throughout the community, or make phone calls to put pressure on a particular board.  And, we then report the status of each district back to a central location, keeping at it until they’re all done.

But, we can’t do it alone.  Are you willing to help, even with something as simple as stuffing envelopes or distributing flyers?  We need your time, not much, but some.

If you are willing to stand for our 4th Amendment and help keep our children protected from unreasonable search, please email me at

Once we have enough people, we’ll lay out a plan and get going.

//tom campione

PS:  If you can enlist the help of a family member or friend, we’d truly appreciate it.

Vice Chairman
Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party group

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