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Mystery Surrounds Death of 18-Year Old Girl After an Incomplete Abortion

 By Operation Rescue By Cheryl Sullenger Charlotte, NC – Even though Diamond Renee Williams died in 2016, it is still extremely emotional for ...

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Barletta Votes to Strengthen Genocide Prevention Efforts

Barletta Votes to Strengthen Genocide Prevention Efforts WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) voted for H.R. 3030, the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocity ...

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Bernstine to Host Paper Shredding Event on July 28

  ELLWOOD CITY – Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence) will host a free paper shredding event on Saturday, July 28, from 9-11 a.m. ...

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Five Reasons I Think “Roe v. Wade” Should Be Overturned

 By Dr. Jerry Newcombe  /Constitution Soon we can expect another contentious battle in the Senate over a Supreme Court nominee. For the last ...

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Some Democrats might bail on Schumer’s fight to stop Kavanaugh confirmation: ‘Kiss my you-know-what’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) speaks about healthcare during a news conference on Capitol Hill, on July 11, 2018 ...

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Flashback: This Interview With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Demonstrates Why She Is A Traitor Within

Ginsberg ironically says she’s “operating under a very old Constitution,” yet she’s making decisions about laws and rules as an ...

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How Trump Brilliantly Screwed Over Red State Dem Senators with Kavanaugh Nomination

BY LIZ ANGAROLA /WJ On Monday night, President Donald Trump announced Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the next Supreme ...

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It matters how you stand

By Tom DeWeese at Renew America Justice has finally been achieved as the federal government's war against western ranchers and property ...

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White House Press Release--Full Pardons for the Hammonds

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 10, 2018   Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Clemency ...

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President Trump’s Clemency for Dwight and Steven Hammond

By 1600 Staff President Trump showed mercy by granting clemency to two Oregon ranchers who started fires on federal land. According to Fox ...

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Teachers and Staff from the Lebanon School District attended a workshop at the Lebanon Valley Mosque, according to stories by the Lebanon Daily News and Reading Eagle.  According to those news reports the teachers and staff “learned about the practices of Islam”, “watched an afternoon Muslim prayer service and were treated to lunch of Moroccan cuisine.”  Now this is not the first time for this in Lebanon County.  There have been other reports of School District visits to area Mosques.  All of these workshops and visits were conducted on THE TAXPAYER’S DIME!  Justifying the visit (and taxpayer expense) was the Superintendent who claimed that the workshops were important due to a growing Muslim population!  We have reports that Muslim Prayer Rooms have been provided in Lebanon County Schools.  Now the question comes screaming out at us is—WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD?  The U. S. courts have ruled for decades that Christian prayers in school settings is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Then how do they get away with religious prayer rooms in school for Muslims and how can they legally spend tax dollars for teachers to attend services/workshops in Muslim Mosques?  A clear legal double standard!

In an article written by former Allentown teacher/now reporter for the Reading Eagle, Bill Uhrich on Sunday, June 21, 2015, Uhrich makes some typical progressive out of touch statements.  Let us expound on this.

In what Uhrich calls an incomprehensible response by former State Representative Sam Roher, who was writing on behalf of the “American Pastors network,” Roher said the following;

While noting the workshops came at taxpayer expense, “The seminar might seem like a harmless learning experience to the casual onlooker, but events like these underscore the increasing threat to our constitutional freedoms represented by the insidious infiltration of Islam into America’s schools and communities.”

Roher goes on to say “ Slowly but surely, Islamic ideology is creeping stealthily into classrooms and local governments across America.  What may appear to be an altruistic and innocent isolated incident is in reality part of an aggressive and dangerous strategy to undercut the biblically based and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in this nation.”

Bill Uhrich sarcastically states the following;  “Roher would have us believe that the First Amendment’s guaranteed free exercise of religion is undercut because Muslims are freely exercising their religion in Lebanon County?”  Such a statement by Uhrich demonstrates the blindness of today’s Progressive Movement.  A blindness that does not recognize the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has already infiltrated our Military and our President has welcomed Muslim advisors into the Whitehouse inner circle!  How can we forget the deadly mayhem of Cornel Hassan at Fort Hood?  The seeds of infiltration have already been planted here in the U.S.  We have seen the affects of Shiria Law being advocated here and overseas.  The biggest problem is that Christians, Jews and others here in America respect each other’s right to religious freedom.  However, Muslims consider other religions as heresy and subject those practicing those religions to penalties ranging from extra taxes to confiscation and execution.  To the astute citizen all one has to do is watch and remember the events being carried out throughout the Middle East and Europe.  France now has areas in some of their cities where Shiria Law prevails and the Government is not welcome.   How about this fact, when the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt (with the help of Obama) there was a concerted campaign to execute Christians.  How many Christian heads need to be cut off before our Progressives understand that Islam, as practiced by many, is not compatible with our Constitutional Rights and the “founding principles” of our nation?

We see Sam Roher’s  and the American Pastors Network comments as being right on point.  The day of reckoning is near, we hope and pray that internal politics will not cloud the thinking of our people  because the Constitutional Rights of our citizens and our nation’s survival is at stake!




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