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California Admits DMV Error Added Noncitizens to Voter Rolls

Will Racke / @hwillracke / The Daily Signal California’s Department of Motor Vehicles says a “processing error” at agency field offices resulted in ...

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[Must Read] Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!

          1.  Illegal Alien Caravan Doubles in Size, Pushes North to U.S. Yet another caravan of illegal aliens is heading north to ...

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[Must Read] Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!

          1.  Legal Immigrants Pay For DACA Free Riders, And Take a Backseat Processing costs for DACA applications totaled $115.7 million last ...

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This month’s Argall Report: Bipartisan Blight Victory in Mahanoy City

This month’s Argall Report: Bipartisan Blight Victory in Mahanoy City   MAHANOY CITY – As he stood in front of the podium ...

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State Representative Justin Simmons Report

  Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, October 19, 2018  The latest news from the State Capitol A Better Organ Donation Law Legislation ...

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Weekly Session Wrap-Up

    View this email in a browser Week of October 15, 2018 In this Edition: Mensch Disappointed Consensus Was Not Reached on SB ...

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 TORI MCNABB /redrightvideos   According to, Deputies said Amanda Soto, 33, her mother and her husband were visiting Disney Springs when an argument ensued between her ...

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Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large/DC President Donald Trump lashed out Monday at Democrats for their treatment of Supreme Court Justice ...

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Leftist Violence Natural outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology

By David Limbaugh · at the Patriot Post/ What do you make of the leftist violence and anarchy all over the ...

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On the Street: We Went to a Trump Rally. Here Are the Stories No One Tells.

Video Team / The Daily Signal This week, The Daily Signal presents a special edition of “On the Street.” We ...

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EPSD test, test and test again till mastery



Parents watch out! If you thought your children were tested enough in school now, wait until you hear about the district’s newest plans. At the 8/10/2015 school board meeting the Superintendent announced that your kids will now have the opportunity to reach “mastery”. How you may ask? Well, by taking the tests over and over and over until they do.

This may sound strange to hear from the Superintendent since he recently admitted we already have an over-testing problem in the schools.

Also the Superintendent explained how EPSD will have continuous grading throughout the year instead of just quarterly grading. This is a pilot program beginning with the sixth grade in Eyer Middle school.

Changes like this one are an example of how schools keep pushing the “Common Core” standards of student assessment, whereby the schools keep introducing regimes of ever increasing data collection of students, starting with what seems to be the innocuous collection of data assessing the students’ ability to learn. It quickly changes to the collection of endless amounts of personal data through homework assignments asking about personal health/wealth questions of all family members.

Corporations love to know how best to market their products and what better way than through data collection that starts in grade school. If you think that “Common Core” is a questionable program at best and you want to know how to protect your child from all this data collection check out this article.

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