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EPSD Admin Office-jpgBy LVC Staff


The East Penn School District’s meeting on Monday, November 9th will be the last meeting for three current board members.  Sam Rhodes, Wally Vinovskis and Lynn Donches will be leaving their school board positions as of December 1st with November 9th the last scheduled meeting.

Wally Vinovskis will be leaving due to his election defeat on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Rev. Vinovskis  had previously lost an election bid for East Penn School Board in 2011.  He was ultimately appointed to fill out the term of resigned School Director Julian Stolz in 2014.  While Vinovskis conducted himself as a gentleman, his unquestioned support for the School Administrations’s policy decisions may have cost him with the voters.

Sam (Sandy) Rhodes did not choose to run for another term in this election. Rhodes has served on East Penn’s Board on a couple of occasions.  He was appointed  to fill a vacancy on the board for his current seat.  He then won a full four year term in 2011.  Sam Rhodes was one of the quietest board members, rarely having much to say.  However, his board voting record consistently supported the Administration’s and union’s positions.


donches        Lynn Donches ran four years ago saying that she was committed to serve one term and then retire from the board. She has lived up to that commitment.  Lynn Donches’ four years was filled with ugly accusations from fellow board members who did not like her conservative view points.  Donches tried her best to bring transparency to the school board’s operations.  She fought her entire term to bring more information on the school’s bill list so that she, and ultimately the public, could better understand what the money was being spent on.  While, over time, she did get some modest successes in this area, her efforts brought scorn from her fellow board members, especially Charles Ballard.  We still to this day don’t see why this was such a big problem for the Administration and other Board members.  We say this because other School Districts provide the type of information Donches was requesting.  Their four year long fight with Donches over this makes us wonder—what was being hidden?  We hate to say that but what other explanation can you draw from this?

Lynn Donches also voted against the many tax hikes the Board and Administration approved. Once Donches provided an” Alternative Budget Proposal” for the Board’s consideration.  It was a Budget Proposal for consideration and debate.  Lynn Donches made many compelling cases for cutting out apparent fat in the Budget.  She was severely attacked for doing so by then Superintendent Thomas Seidenberger and Board Member Charles Ballard.  In fact the union supported Ballard called the soft spoken Lynn Donches “a snake in the grass” and accused her of using Nazi tactics.  Charles Ballard’s unprofessional actions along with the support of the other Board Members, put a lot of unnecessary pressure on Lynn Donches.

We have to thank Lynn Donches for her untiring efforts to bring to light issues that would have been apparently covered up. Such as:


  1. The pornography issues in the School Reading Program for 13, 14 and 15 year old students. Once the public became aware of this the issue, it was ultimately resolved (we hope it still is?)
  2. The burying of asbestos waste on the Wescosville Elementary School grounds. It later became known that the East Penn Administration ordered the burial and when the public began to question this, the removal took place. However, because the Board majority and Administration would not reveal the names of the guilty parties, the taxpayers had to pick up the $18,000 plus costs! Later an EPA investigation was launched. As of this writing –no final EPA Report has been issued.

It is this dedication to serve the taxpayers, not the special interests of the unions and the East Penn Administration, that we will miss about Lynn Donches.  We thank her for her four years of service, and we wish her the best in whatever she decides to do from this point onward.

Thank you Lynn!

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