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Jane Fretz Strikes Again


Let the BS begin; the EPSD 2016 budget primer

We find it ironic that once again former East Penn School Director Jane Fretz promotes her Teacher’s Union slate of School Board candidates as being pro-education and the election opponents as anti-education.  She has done this in many East Penn School Board Elections since 1990.

The latest example of Jane Fretz political propaganda appeared on Lehigh Valley Live on September 29th and once again in the East Penn Press. To quote the latest from Jane Fretz; “I am concerned about the East Penn School Board election this year as it pertains to the Chris Donatelli/Carol Allen slate.  They are being promoted by people with a political agenda who want to undermine the success and excellence of the East Penn school system.”Jane does not identify those sinister people with political agendas.  However, her slate is supported with heavy financial support by the Teacher’s Union, a Union that financed her preferred slate two years ago to the tune of over $15,000.  That is the same Union that opposes any efforts by the State Legislature to pass meaningful Real Estate Tax Reform.  Those reforms, like SB76 would keep many citizens in their homes instead of Tax Foreclosure!

Jane Fretz once again casts a dark cloud over the opponents of her selected union backed slate.  This time Carol Allen’s record clearly shows that her adult career has been in education at all levels, in fact she has been serving as a reading specialist and volunteer in the East Penn School District.  Clearly Carol Allen is pro-education.  What she is not is in the union’s pocket.  That is why Jane Fretz needs to blacken her name.  But those who have followed East Penn know that this is what Jane Fretz does.

As for those who Jane Fretz supports, namely Ken Bacher, Richard Mathesz, Paul Champagne, Chuck Ballard and Wally Vinovskis, they are the ones who supported the East Penn administration’s actions in keeping pornography in the Reading Programs for 13, 14 and 15 year old students.  They also supported the Administration in their efforts to secretly bury asbestos waste materials at the Wescosville Elementary School.  Finally they also support each and every Union Contract, even secret “Early Bird Contracts” that do not make any attempt to control costs!

While we honor anybody’s right to support candidates, we think Jane Fretz has made a career out of blackening the names and reputations of those candidates she disagrees with.  These items the voters of East Penn should be aware of!


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