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By Tori McNabb/Red Right Videos. Judicial Watch (JW) went to court to force Hillary Clinton to answer more questions on ...

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Lawsuit Seeks Records of FBI Meetings with Clinton-DNC Law Firm in 2016

The real collusion scandal is the hand-in-hand effort by the Clinton campaign and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy upon and ...

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What Does it REALLY Mean to be a “Nationalist”?

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter Not long ago, President Donald Trump proudly proclaimed himself to be a nationalist, and the left went ...

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Rush Limbaugh Predicts Republicans To Join Democrats In Opposing Trump

As Democrats and Trump-opposing Republicans stand poised to engage in actions against Trump in hopes of a "win", the only ...

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WaPo, NYT Lament Auto Workers Blaming GM—Not Trump—For Layoffs

'While critics faulted the president for failing to deliver what he promised, a number of workers were quick to exonerate ...

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Shell Oil President Slams Arrogant Obama for Claiming HE Created America’s Oil Boom

 WARNER TODD HUSTON /godfatherpolitics A former president of Shell Oil slammed former President Barack Obama for trying to take credit for America’s ...

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Trump Might Be Right about the 9th Circuit Court

                  ~ American Liberty Report On Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump tweeted that the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ...

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Bush family wants funeral that avoids anti-Trump sentiment: report

By Amy Lieu | Fox News President Trump, first lady pay respects to George H.W. Bush Donald and Melania Trump visit Capitol Hill to pay ...

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Senator Mike Folmer Column: Don't Take People for Granted

State Senator Mike Folmer 48th Senatorial District   With the passing of former President George HW Bush, I’m reminded of 1 Peter 4:4:  “The ...

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Al Gore Kicks Off 24-Hour Climate Broadcast as Thousands Riot in Paris Over Carbon Taxes

Michael Bastasch / @MikeBastasch / The Daily Signal Demonstrators wearing yellow vests take to the streets in France to protest planned fuel ...

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Thank You Lynn Donches


donchesLVC staff


Monday, November 9, 2015 will be the last East Penn School Board meeting for Board Directors Lynn Donches, Samuel Rhoades, and Wally Vinovskis. We thank all for their service, but it is our opinion that special thanks goes to Lynn Donches.

Ms. Donches ran on a platform with a promise to the taxpayers for transparency and fiscal responsibility to provide a well-rounded education for the students. She upheld those promises through some very challenging meetings where she was chastised for her requests for more information on the bill list and various other requests for additional information so she could make an informed vote.  None of the other Board members deemed her requests for information necessary.  We commend Ms. Donches’ repeated efforts to discover how our money is being spent.  The breakdown is done by other school districts, but East Penn does not/will not provide this important information to its’ Board members.

The Board of Director’s for school boards are voted for by the taxpayers for oversight. So often we hear that one group is for the taxpayers and another is for pro-education.  Seriously?  What does that really mean? That some only care about taxes and others only care about education?  We need all Board members to consider all options, and not state they really don’t agree with what Administration is putting forth, but they vote for it anyway.  We don’t know anyone who doesn’t see the immense value in a good education, but sadly that is very often not what spending our money and raising our taxes is all about.

Ms. Donches stated she would only serve one term. She gave her best effort to implement some changes that were of great importance to her and to the people who gave her their vote of confidence.  Thank you again Ms. Donches!  We will miss your fortitude, honesty, and integrity.  We appreciate all you have done to bring issues into the light!

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