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Libs Freak Over Trump “S***hole” Comment, African Sociologist Says He’s Right

BY V SAXENA /Conservative Tribune Though the entire left responded with exasperation to a report that President Donald Trump allegedly used the term “s**thole” to describe some ...

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Left unsuccessful in stopping Trump tornado

By Sher Zieve at Renew America In order to complete and be successful in their plans to turn the USA ...

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FAIR's Top 5 - Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California

Untitled Document 1. Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California, End Hidalgo Treaty As open borders lobbyists push for an amnesty by ...

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ONAN COCA /Godfather Politics. It wasn’t the right thing to say, if he said it. But how in the world has this ...

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PA Democrat Introduces 'Stable Genius Act' in Response to Trump Tweet

WILLIAM VAILLANCOURT | IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) on Tuesday introduced an act requiring presidential candidates to undergo a medical examination ...

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The FBI Wants to Put You at Risk To Make Its Job Easier

    By Joe Jarvis - at The Daily Bell The FBI doesn’t like encryption. They are concerned that they cannot properly investigate criminals. Often ...

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The Left Is Politicizing Sexual Assault

They sought women who would accuse Trump of sexual misconduct and promised them cash. By the Political Editors ·  at The Patriot ...

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Leftist arrogance: why liberals need to look down on conservatives

  By Selwyn Duke at Renew America Did you ever wish you could buy liberals for what you know they're worth ...

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How 'fake news' threatens constitutional liberty

  By Alan Keyes at Renew America In a Politico article published last month, Jason Schwartz asserts: Authoritarian rulers across the ...

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Nancy Pelosi: Tax Cuts For Everyday Americans Are ‘Crumbs’

By Jack Crowe /The Western Journalism House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s comments related to tax cut savings have changed dramatically over the past ...

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Good News (Part II) For Patriotic Americans About Radical AG Loretta Lynch


Attorney General LynchLVTP

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

From The Lehigh Valley Tea Party/9-12 Project Second Amendment Newsletter

Good News (Part II) For Patriotic Americans About Radical U.S. AG Loretta Lynch

With the untimely death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in February, defenders of Constitutional rights like the Second Amendment lost a trusted ally. With Scalia on the bench, the Supreme Court frequently defeated anti-Second Amendment laws by a single vote. But the passing of this legal giant raised fears that Islamic radical “President” Barack Hussein Obama would try to tip the Court by appointing a fellow-traveler who shares his left-wing liberal, gun-grabbing, anti-American views.

For his Supreme Court picks, Obama previously named radicals like Sonia Sotomayor who has expressed her hostility – on and off the bench – to America’s Second Amendment rights. Even as a student at Princeton University Sotomayor was a racist and a radical, demanding an end to the university’s merit-based admission system in favor of a quota system that would ensure students would instead be admitted based on selected racial and national origin characteristics, according to a report on

She also repeatedly and loudly squealed about “U.S. Imperialism,” excusing terrorist acts and other violence by claiming that “oppression breeds resistance.”

In 1976, when radical Sotomayor was a student judge at Princeton, eight students were charged with breaking into and ransacking the room of two openly gay students who were pressuring Princeton to adopt pro-homosexual nondiscrimination policies. In a letter signed by (then-student judge) Sotomayor and published in the Daily Princetonian on Feb. 27, 1976, the accused students were condemned for “intimidation.”

But there was one problem: the letter condemning the students was written and published a full month before the case was even heard. Sotomayor, according to two former students with knowledge of the case, demanded that the accused students be expelled. So in a page right out of the communistic regimes she worships, the future Supreme Court “justice” was already judging the guilt or innocence of people even before their trial.

With this kind of track record, patriots understandably worried about the way that Barack Hussein Obama might try to tilt the Supreme Court, influencing it for decades beyond the end of his rule. Americans’ fears were raised even more when it was reported that yet another unqualified radical racist, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was on Obama’s “short list” of candidates.

Their fears were justified: In December 2015, following multiple attacks against by Islamic terrorists against civilized people, Lynch announced that Americans who tried to warn against the danger of Islamic radicals might be prosecuted – a direct attack against the First Amendment freedom of speech provisions that have helped America to stay great

Fortunately, in March the subversive Lynch “asked not to be considered” for nomination to the Supreme Court, according to a report on

“Administration insiders had concluded more than a week ago that Lynch’s nomination would create an opening for Senate Republicans to demand Justice Department documents on pending investigations, and it was therefore considered a non-starter,” according to the posting.

Bad news for Obama and his plans to continue to undermine America, but good news for citizens.

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