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For Immediate Release--From Senator Argall

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Clinton Donor, Obama Entrepreneurship Ambassador Charged With Massive Fraud

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The Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance

     LVC note:     Without School Property Tax Elimination-                                You Really Never Own Your Home!  


“Where is Kim Ward?” I heard over and over Thursday night at the Greensburg Garden and Civic Center. Where is she hiding is more like it!

The misinformation and propaganda keeps on coming from Ward’s ivory tower. However, this time she didn’t just send spies…she sent her misinformed minions! The leader even said she was an AFP regional rep…I thought AFP was neutral on 76?

You have to laugh though, these “protesters” had no idea what was in the PTIA 76. After Ron Boltz and Jim Rodkey educated a few of them outside, you should have seen the steam coming from the lead, self-proclaimed, AFP troll!

Full Image


You can fool some of the people some of the time, Your Highness Kimberly, but you can’t fool all your constituents ALL the time!

What a great night! Almost 100 locals came out to hear the TRUTH. Ron Boltz, Jim Rodkey, locals Dr Katherine Fike and Wes Thompson were on fire with the “property rights gospel”. In the spirit of our Founders, they Educated Greensburg on PTIA76 and the Betrayal by Kim Ward!

Kim is a chameleon…or at least she thinks she is. Instead of addressing the fact that she supported Property Tax Elimination for 4 years she admits to only reading the bill in November? REALLY, Kim?

And now, she claims we’re threatening her, pounding on her house door, littering in her driveway…and that we’re TERRORISTS!


Do these folks look like TERRORISTS, Kim?

Kim…get a grip and either admit your allegiance to the special interests or just tell your constituents that you don’t give a hoot about 112 property tax sales in Greensburg, Westmoreland County and the fact there’s been a 45% increase in foreclosures there the last 3 years. All while you live the GOOD LIFE!

In fact, Sen Ward has been a co-sponsor of PTIA76 for the last 4 years. So why did she betray us and 10,000 folks losing their home to tax sales every year?

Why, at the last minute, did she vote NO for Pennsylvanians’ property rights? Were there special interests involved?

Folks, this is what it will take!  We MUST let Kim’s constituents know that she and others can’t play these games of sponsoring bills and then ducking for cover of the special interests at the most critical time!


Oh my Kim! Can you say “meltdown”? What was that you were screaming in the Capitol halls last week?

We simply want to educate Senator Kim Ward’s constituents on the benefits of school tax elimination, but also we want to let them know that their senator flip-flopped when her vote was needed the most on the Senate floor, November 23rd.

Folks, we need to hear from you. Would you all like to continue the campaign to expose the truth of school Property Tax Independence Act 76?

If so, we need your help. We need to run more ads, direct mailers, robocalls and MORE townhalls to reveal the TRUTH about our property rights being stomped out by statists who no longer listen to their constituents.

Kim Ward wants us to go away…should we?

Just go to our website to donate or volunteer, or you can click on the button at the bottom of the page. Please let us know that we should continue this fight!


Your help is deeply appreciated and needed to stop the pain so many homeowners feel as they struggle to pay their school property tax.

Now, let’s forget Queen Kim for a minute. Would you support a real grassroots  supporter of ALL Pennsylvanians’ property rights for the 39th Senate seat? If so, we need to hear from you NOW. We know a Westmoreland County resident who wants nothing more than pass 76. This resident will drop their party membership, drop their committee position and run as an Independent while spreading the news of the Property Tax Independence Act 76 as the main platform of the campaign…more to come in days to follow.

Will Senator Ward wake up and realize we can’t all live like royalty? Will she finally speak to us after ignoring 6 invitations to the townhall event where she could have set the record straight for her constituents? Will she finally take a few minutes to actually learn what’s in the bill AND what’s in it for ALL Pennsylvanians?

I suggest that we all call and email Kim and ask those exact questions! 724-454-6999 and

For Life, Liberty and Property
Dean Klopp, President
PA Liberty Alliance


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