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Letter calls DOD on shoe policy for our military

uncle sam
Dear Editor,

Due to my present condition I really don’t want to take on another project. I seldom get involved with Federal Legislation because of the rhinos that represent us.

 If you think our Men and Women in the Military should be treated as Number 1, please read my comments below.

  We all know the contracts will go  to those that will end up making these outside the United States.

 We all hear stories and know of our active military and veterans and the second class treatment they get and  the disrespect. At times I wonder what country am I living in that we could treat our highest as we do.

 No one does more for our Country than our Military, past and present, in terms of years spent in the service, dismemberment, assorted post-combat symptoms, death and grief by loved ones and friends.

 I personally feel they should get preferential treatment in anything that our government (Taxpayers) has to offer. Whether that be Healthcare, Education, Housing, make the list as long as you want. 

  At the very minimum they should have clothes, gear, equipment etc  made exclusively in the United States!

 Yes it will cost more, yes the taxpayers, us, will have to pay more. We owe this to them. Screw any trade bills that say to the contrary. Override them if need be. 

 We have U S Congressmen and Senators running in this election campaign. I think we should try to get a pledge from them to sponsor,  encourage and support legislation to accomplish this. 

 I hope one or more of you think this is a worthy cause and have the time  to  pursue this.

 Should you do, your comments, support and solicitation should also include all Military Veteran organizations throughout the United States. This also should pertain to our Pennsylvania National Guard etc.

 There’s much more I can add but unable to at this time.


God Bless you all and God Bless the past and present fighting men and women of our United States of America.


Sam Brancadora

Berks County and member of the Berks County Patriots


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