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Call to Action — by the Pennsylvania Family Council

Pennsylvania Family Council

Call to Action
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Help us give school board members and Pennsylvania parents the resources they need to protect our children’s safety and privacy rights. 


President Obama has just sent a letter to every public school in the country that says if a girls’ bathroom or locker room exists you must allow men and boys entry into these facilities. But it unashamedly goes even further than that.


According to the letter, not only must a school allow students to use the locker room, bathroom and shower facility they self-identify with, all schools must:


1. Refrain from offering the reasonable accommodation of an individual-user facility.


2. Allow students to play the sport of the gender they self-identify.


3. Allow boys who self-identify as female to sleep in the same hotel room as female students on any school field trips, and vice versa.


4. Allow students based on the gender they self-identify with to live in men-only and women-only dorms.


President Obama sent his letter. We sent one as well. Just in the last 24 hours, we at the Pennsylvania Family Council have been receiving tons of calls and emails in response to a letter we sent to school board members. Many are concerned with protecting their students’ privacy rights and safety.

And thanks to the expertise of our legal experts on staff, we’re answering those calls and providing specific ways to respond. If you are a school board member, please contact Emily at 717-545-0600 or to find out more.

President Obama’s bathroom bullying directive is not an executive order. It is not an administrative regulation. This has no force of law or legal authority behind it, but asks schools to voluntarily throw away every student’s right to bodily privacy and threatens to remove Title IX funding if they do not.

What would have the force of law is if Governor Wolf gets his way and Pennsylvania State Senators and Representatives pass the proposed Bathroom Bills. When President Obama’s directive was released last week, Governor Tom Wolf’s spokesman was quick to respond in compliance with the directive. “Regarding today’s announcement by the Department of Justice, the Department of Education will partner with other state agencies and experts to provide the necessary resources and clarification to school districts as they evaluate the new federal guidance.”

That was followed with a push for Pennsylvania’s proposed Bathroom bills. “This issue is bigger than any one action at the federal level,” he replied, calling for the passing of the problematic HB1510 and SB974 – that would essentially take President Obama’s bathroom policy and mandate it upon every school, business and ministry across Pennsylvania.


Thousands of Pennsylvanians are voicing their concerns over this legislation and we encourage you to do so as well. You can sign the petition now at that will automatically send an email to your State Senator and State Representative about opposing HB1510 and SB974.

In addition to signing the petition, please consider the following two actions:

1. Make a donation to help us meet the urgent demand. Resources are spread thin and our staff is pressing hard to provide the necessary analysis and response to defending our privacy rights and keeping our children safe. Click here to help us meet this demand.

Donate to the Pennsylvania Family Council

2. Use our materials to help educate others. We have printable handouts at and that help explain the issues surrounding the threat of Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills. Continue to encourage others to sign our petition at And for assistance with school board policy, contact us at 717-545-0600.



Pennsylvania Family Council

23 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101


717-545-0600  |



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