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Hey GOP! What are you going to do Tuesday, November 8, 2016?


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Dear Editor,                              

 This is addressed to those that would normally vote for the Republican Presidential Candidate. 

 For some the Presidential Election in November is going to be very difficult.  Prior to Obama, for many years, our country was headed in the wrong direction.   With 8 years of Obama, that accelerated to the point of almost no return. Should Clinton get elected,  for 4 or 8 years that will accelerate even further.  She knows what Obama has gotten away with. Particularly with his executive orders, presidential memorandums, and placing his people in all the different agencies to do his bidding and them doing what we think is harmful to our country.  Obama also decimated our Military; the Army has the fewest active duty troops since 1940.   Additionally he has done what he pleases with no regard for our Constitution and Congress has not taken any initiative to stop him.  Clinton will certainly do the same and more.

 Some additional consequences if Clinton gets elected.  This is a partial list, and in no order of importance. 

 Should Clinton have coattails and the Democrats take over either the House, the Senate, or both, this would give her a freer hand to become a dictatorial queen.  Benghazi and other committees will be shut down.

Her private email investigations in the different agencies certainly at the very least would be put on the back burner. If you think targeting conservative groups was bad before, wait for Clinton’s turn.  

  We know that the other side uses the courts, particularly the U.S. Supreme Court to get their way instead of through legislation or amendments to the Constitution. The next president will appoint hundreds of Judges throughout the Country and will appoint one,  possibly two or three U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  This will have consequences far beyond the four or eight years Clinton could be in office. 20 years is not stretching it.

 In reading this if you think I’m being bias you’re right but only to the extent I do not want there to be a President Hillary Clinton. What would our country be like 4 to 8 years from now?

 Starting from the premise that you do not want a President Hillary Clinton and you normally would vote and you would normally vote for the Republican Presidential Candidate, what are some options?


1) Vote for Trump 

2) Do not vote for president.  Let’s see how that will play out.  Let’s say 100 Republican and Democrat  voters go to the polls.   50  Republicans vote for Trump and 50 Democrats vote for Clinton, a 50 50 tie.  Let’s say 1 Republican voter decides not to vote for anyone for president.   End result 50 Clinton 49 Trump 1 no vote. Clinton wins.

 3) Same scenario as 2 except the Republican votes for a write- in, independent or any other presidential choice. End result 50 Clinton 49 Trump 1 other. Clinton wins.

 4) Let’s say, one of those 50 Republicans is so disgusted, disillusioned or maybe wants to make a statement or for whatever reason stays home and does not vote.  First they are giving up voting for all the others on the ballot and the scenario still would remain the same. 50 Clinton 49 Trump 1 stayed home. Clinton wins. 

 5) Other choices?

 For every vote that Clinton gets, her opponent needs a corresponding vote just to offset it, just for a tie.   However, if someone does 2, 3, or 4 above, that is one less vote Clinton needs to win.  Some may say those people are voting for Clinton.  Or, at the very least, making it easier for Clinton to win.

 Some may want to make a statement.  Make a statement to whom?  To what end?  The establishment knows how we feel but disregards us. 

 I heard it said, let’s all resign from the Republican Party. That still doesn’t change our choice for November.

 All resigning from the Republican Party would do very little unless you started a new party with a new slate of candidates. Again this does not change our choice for November.

 There are many who say, who really is Trump? Would he be better than Clinton? What would he do to our country? What would our country look like after 4 or 8 years of Trump? These are all excellent questions and I hope some of you can provide answers. This is why I started out by saying this November is going to be very difficult for some.

 I’m hoping we can unite in some fashion and use that power to our advantage.  If we are fractured, we will certainly lose in November and maybe that’s what some think is best.

 I know we have almost 6 months until November. I’m putting this out now to get the juices flowing. Please feel free to add, suggest, correct or whatever you think would be appropriate to help us all.

 I know I’m going to take some heat from some and that is good, it’s part of getting the juices flowing, to get different ideas, thoughts and hopefully, solutions. 

 God Help Us.   We Pray for His Guidance.

 Samuel F Brancadora


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