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Hardball: McConnell Changes Rule to Overcome Obstruction of Trump's Judicial Picks, Dems Fume

By Guy Benson at Townhall | This may seem like an abstruse parliamentary maneuver -- and it is -- but Mitch McConnell just escalated ...

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National Sheriffs’ Association: ‘They Just Outlawed Crime Fighting in California’

By Craig Bannister | "They just outlawed crime fighting in California." (Screenshot) “Someone is about to be harmed” because California lawmakers have put the ...

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Californication Reaches New Lows

While reducing penalties for knowingly infecting someone with HIV, the state punishes anyone using "wrong" pronouns. By Lewis Morris · at ...

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Pennsylvania Family Council --2017 Judicial Voter's Guide

 From The Pennsylvania Family Council - 2017 Judicial Voter's Guide Non-partisan and church-friendly.  Printable guide for statewide judicial candidates. Questionnaire responses ...

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Bannon: GOP's Entire ‘Establishment Globalist Clique' Must Go

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for President Trump, is putting together a coalition to challenge all establishment Republicans. (Photo: Screen ...

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Squishy Republicans are Calling it Quits

   THE COMMON CONSTITUTIONALIST — Freedom Outpost In early September, Charlie Dent, Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania and co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, ...

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Cliven Bundy: Feds don't own Western states

Larry Klayman shares news in battle over land seized illegally by U.S. government   By Larry Klayman at Renew America Events important ...

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Trump’s Strategy Is Clearly Working As 20 Other Nations Take Action Against North Korea

"Other nations are responding ..." By Ellysa Chenery/Western Journalism President Donald Trump’s controversial handling of North Korea has reportedly led to international action, ...

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If you want to get Iran to the negotiating table, declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization

    By Printus LeBlanc at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government As Oct. 15 approaches President Donald Trump must decide whether ...

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Iran on Pathway to Fully Restart Nuclear Weapons Program

Top lawmakers urge Trump not to leave deal Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sits among senior army staff / Getty Images BY: Adam Kredo  ...

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Dear Editor: Critical Issues in this Election

Hillary Clinton                       U.S. Supreme Court           Donald Trump
Dear Editor,
Hi Folks  Some of us have been saying that this election is not about the presidency but it’s about the Supreme Court. Please read the link below titled “Clinton’s Court, legal analysts say gun  rights  and more at stake in November”.
Also extremely important. There was a ruling yesterday that the Supreme Court blocks ruling that lets transgender Virginia student use boys bathroom. Some may consider this a victory, it’s only a temporary stay on the lower courts ruling that allows transgenders in the bathroom.
Justice Breyer was the Swing Vote in the 5-3 decision and in his statement he said he was agreeing to the stay as a courtesy because the court is in recess and putting the ruling on hold will preserve the status quo.
Should this come before the Supreme Court before a 9th Justice is appointed most likely he will vote against it. A 4-4 decision means the lower court decision stands which will be a major loss for us.
However what is more likely, it will not come before the Supreme Court until after the election and after the new president fills the court vacancy.
I asked you the questions, should Hillary Clinton become president and make that appointment what do you think the outcome will be?
Will it add to our moral decline?
Remember voting for anyone but Trump or not voting at all is voting for Clinton and most likely voting for transgenders in the bathrooms. We don’t want to fight this battle with one hand tied behind our back.
 Let’s enjoy our temporary victory and thank God we still have time to prevent this from becoming permanent.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
Sam Brancadora,
The Supreme Court – it’s no secret – is at stake in the 2016 election. But legal experts say the impact will be far more sweeping if Hillary Clinton wins in the fall, and is able to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia with a left-leaning judge.

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