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ADP Services Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History – 40,000 New Manufacturing Jobs in November

Guest post by Joe Hoft/The Gateway Pundit Payroll company ADP reported the largest monthly increase in manufacturing jobs ever in their history for November! Charles ...

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Letter Writer Warns of Pitfalls with Traffic Cameras

  Dear Concerned Drivers: If you think speed cameras are a good thing, think again: Headlines from Maryland's Speed Camera Program. This will ...

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Big City Dem Wants Bulletproof Glass Banned for Being Racist

BY STEVEN BEYER /Conservative Tribune We now live in a world where almost anyone and everything can and will be labelled “racist.” Some ...

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Barletta: America Must Work Aggressively to Combat Terror

Barletta: America Must Work Aggressively to Combat Terror   WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11), a member of the House Committee on ...

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Slippery Rock University Receives Grant to Train Veterans to be Teachers, Bernstine Says

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 11, 2017   Slippery Rock University Receives Grant to Train Veterans to be Teachers, Bernstine Says HARRISBURG – State Rep. Aaron ...

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MSNBC Dem Gets AXED From Day Job for Bombshell Allegations

 Trump Train News Source: Huffington Post by: Yashar Ali By Detroit Regional Chamber from Detroit, MI, United States [CC BY 2.0 ...

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Flashback: Democrats Didn’t Mind Rep. Gerry Studds Preying On Teen Boys

By Ann/at The Political Insider There’s been a lot of hullabaloo over Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and his alleged sexual relationships with teenage girls in the 1970s, and ...

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House Settled Lawsuit After Meeks Fired Staffer Who Reported Sexual Assault Related To Donor

DCwire By Daily Caller Luke Rosiak /THE POLITICAL INSIDER The Office of House Employment Counsel brokered a settlement in 2006 over allegations that Rep. ...

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Dem Rep’s Former Campaign Aide Pleads Guilty to Paying Opponent to Drop Out of 2012 Primary

Rep. Robert Brady (D., Pa.) speaks during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. / Getty Images BY: Katelyn Caralle/ the Washington Free ...

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Jail for Fla. Rep. Who Blasted Feds for Investigating Her Instead of Orlando Terrorist

From Judicial Watch The disgraced Florida congresswoman who suggested federal agents could have prevented the Orlando terrorist attack if they weren’t ...

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Dear Editor: Critical Issues in this Election

Hillary Clinton                       U.S. Supreme Court           Donald Trump
Dear Editor,
Hi Folks  Some of us have been saying that this election is not about the presidency but it’s about the Supreme Court. Please read the link below titled “Clinton’s Court, legal analysts say gun  rights  and more at stake in November”.
Also extremely important. There was a ruling yesterday that the Supreme Court blocks ruling that lets transgender Virginia student use boys bathroom. Some may consider this a victory, it’s only a temporary stay on the lower courts ruling that allows transgenders in the bathroom.
Justice Breyer was the Swing Vote in the 5-3 decision and in his statement he said he was agreeing to the stay as a courtesy because the court is in recess and putting the ruling on hold will preserve the status quo.
Should this come before the Supreme Court before a 9th Justice is appointed most likely he will vote against it. A 4-4 decision means the lower court decision stands which will be a major loss for us.
However what is more likely, it will not come before the Supreme Court until after the election and after the new president fills the court vacancy.
I asked you the questions, should Hillary Clinton become president and make that appointment what do you think the outcome will be?
Will it add to our moral decline?
Remember voting for anyone but Trump or not voting at all is voting for Clinton and most likely voting for transgenders in the bathrooms. We don’t want to fight this battle with one hand tied behind our back.
 Let’s enjoy our temporary victory and thank God we still have time to prevent this from becoming permanent.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
Sam Brancadora,
The Supreme Court – it’s no secret – is at stake in the 2016 election. But legal experts say the impact will be far more sweeping if Hillary Clinton wins in the fall, and is able to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia with a left-leaning judge.

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