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How $37 Million from the Clinton Foundation Disappeared in Baltimore


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“Hillary’s America” a Must See!


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton


by Linda J Shuke

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I am by no means, a movie critic or review writer, but this Sunday evening of July 24th, Rich and I ventured out to the movies to see “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza. We talked and shared our thoughts about it on the way home. We found it to be so compelling, eye-opening, and gut-wrenching, that we want to encourage everyone to go see it, thus my reason for being here.


Mr D’Souza is a proud American, and does all in his power to promote conservatism. He came to America to escape oppression and live in the land of liberty and freedom. He is a learn-ed scholar and, as such, knows and appreciates our culture, rights, and our laws. Knowing what life under oppression is, he works diligently to expose movements and ideas of those who would attempt to suppress and transform our way of life. Ironically, he, of all people, unknowingly broke a campaign donation law. For this (minor) infraction, a liberal judge threw the book at him and had him incarcerated in a facility with the worst of the worst – those who committed manslaughter, murder, robberies. In no way did he deserve such harsh, dangerous punishment, but when one is a conservative with his credentials, defenselessly facing a liberal judge with the power to render his own verdict, seems this judge opted to throw mercy out the window. My personal assumption is, this judge wanted to sooooo embarrass and degrade Dinesh in hopes his career as a respected conservative advocate, writer, movie producer, would be finished. Well, to Dinesh’s genius, he begins this movie with himself, the inmate, exposing the cold, intolerant, unforgiving hearts of those in high places in the Democrat Party. It was heart-breaking and all the more made you want to stand-by Dinesh, not desert him and turn your back on him. This judge lost far more than he hoped to gain. Dinesh prevailed and having once seen this movie Americans will be all the more supportive and appreciative for the timeless effort he devotes to bringing the truth to light.


The movie is basically the history of the Democrat Party, leading up to and including the Clintons, specifically more about Hillary. While in jail, he conversed with some of the inmates and heard their stories. Many were fast, seemingly proud to announce, they were Democrats! Dinesh asked one, why Democrat? The guy, with believing accuracy said, because they are the Party for the people. Now this particular, up-standing fellow was in jail for running scams, con-jobs, and murder. (He was obviously not ‘for the people.’) From this conversation the ‘light-bulb’ went on for Dinesh …..with the morbid history of the Democrat Party, how did they manage to turn the table from their history of brutal slave owners to considered champions of the people, notably black Americans? The answer that came to him was, they are masterful “Con-Artists.”


Once released from his bondage, Dinesh set out on a mission – to trace the history and tactics (con-jobs) used that have sustained the Democrat Party and elevated the Clintons. That is the main theme of the movie, which we found to be most educating, eye-opening, with facts that were appalling to learn. Scenes were masterfully created to depict some of these historical events, some being difficult to even watch. But, at the same time it’s enthralling, eyes and ears stayed on high alert, not wanting to miss a beat.


So, this election cycle being so critical to the future of our country, this movie is a ‘must-see’ whether you are undecided, or have made your choice, as the Democrat/Hillary platform is exposed for what it “really” is. I am not a Hillary fan, but if I were, this movie would make me rethink my position, but you have to see it to know. Hope you all go.

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