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Democrats Exposed as Being Two-Faced, Self-Serving Liars and Anti-American Schmucks

Written by Greg Holt/Eagle Rising UPDATE: The IG’s report was released hours ago and does indeed point to misconduct by former FBI director ...

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Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers

~ American Liberty Report Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a prominent Iranian politician, and former diplomat admitted on a Farsi language broadcast confirmed allegations ...

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Warren ‘Filled With Terror’ About Midterm Elections

BY: Andrew Kugle /  the Washington Free Beacon Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow she is "filled with terror" that ...

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RNC Prepares for Midterms by Expanding Field Program to Record 500 Staffers

President Donald Trump, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel / Getty Images BY: Cameron Cawthorne/ the Washington Free Beacon. The Republican National Committee (RNC) ...

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Charge De Niro with public obscenity!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America NEW YORK-Tuesday- 6/11/18...I would not watch the Tony Awards last night. First ...

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The Best Answer to Trump's Tariffs: Free Trade

By Richard M. Ebeling at In the Bible it says, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast ...

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Guard Who Ignored Parkland Shooter Was Caught Sexually Harassing Victim Year Before—Never Fired

A guard who chose to save himself during the Parkland shooting had been caught harassing female students, and never should ...

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Dick's Sporting Goods Just Lost Another Company to Do Business With After Implementing Gun Control Policies

JULIO ROSAS |IJR Scott Olson/Getty Images Another company has severed ties with Dick's Sporting Good after it decided to enact several pro-gun control policies, including hiring pro-gun ...

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Nationwide Bust Arrests More Than 2,300 Suspected Child Sex Offenders

During the course of the operation, the task forces investigated more than 25,200 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes against children and ...

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Ol’ Granny’s Election Message




Ol Granny

Ol’ Granny’s Election Message

I’m getting tired. And, yes I’m already old. But this must be said.

By Linda J Brancadora (Ol’Granny)


You all know that God is the creator of all things. He knows all that is happening. It is His will. Whether you know or believe it or not, He has given us these choices. I can only surmise what He is thinking, but I believe He said – “Hmmmm let’s see. Do these people really want to save their Country? Do they really want the Country out of the hands of tyrants? Do they really want to restore moral order? Do they really want a better life for themselves and their descendants? Or, are they just ‘whistling DIXIE’.

I (God) think I will test them to see just how much they really want their freedom and their Constitution restored to how I helped the Founders form it. I (God) will give them a test.

I’ll make it a hard choice. Yes, I could give them another Reagan, or another Lincoln, but, NO, I want to see just how much they really want their freedom to endure. I can destroy this Country just as I have built it, the people have forsaken Me. I am no longer in the Schools, I am no longer in most homes, I have taken a back seat to the worldly sins called, wealth, envy, lust, greed —- and on.

I already gave them a smart businessman, a family man, a religious man, a moral man with Mitt Romney, but they denied him too.

I will give them a choice harder than ever before and, both choices will have severe consequences. Both choices will downgrade our Presidential Pedestal. Both choices will separate further the flocks of people thinking their way is the best way. It may come to My (God’s) choice to let the Country survive or add it to the list of places I have destroyed. Rome, Sodom, Gomorrah – need I list more for you.

I will make the choice so vastly different that friends will go against friends. Families will go against families. Blacks against blacks. Blacks against Whites. Whites against whites. Whites against Blacks. Good against Evil. Evil against Good.

I will sit back and watch with much amusement all the arguments pro and con – one against the other. I will laugh at some of the arguments. I will cry at some of the arguments.

But in the end – it’s MY (God’s) choice. I will decide where this United States of America goes. I will decide if the people are worth saving or not. I will look into the people’s hearts to know what they are willing to fight for. I will decide if their intentions are honorable. I will decide if they are just looking for power. I will decide if the masses really want our Christian heritage back. I will decide if they are really ready to repent. I will decide if they really want God in their hearts.”

Yes, friends, it boils down to God’s choice. It truly is a decision of the lesser of two evils. I’m not sure we have ever been so divided. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a harder choice. I’m sure we had some real challenges previously, but I am not a history scholar and I don’t know of any in particular that are this difficult.

God gave us these choices. We have no other. Please people get down on your knees and pray, pray for our salvation. Pray for our Constitution to endure. Pray for our lives to be spared. Whomever wins this election, pray for them. Pray that they will keep us safe, pray that they will have our Country’s best interests at heart. Pray that they will put God back in the front of the line.


Now a bit of humor — VOTE TRUMP. (this is from Granny – not God)

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