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Federal Court: Hamas-CAIR Must Stand Trial For Fraud

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Trump Donates His Salary to Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

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How Justice Kavanaugh Will Change the Supreme Court

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[NEW Edition] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

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Opioid Addiction Bill is a Veiled Gift to Big Pharma

1                   ~ American Liberty Report The opioid addiction crisis in this country has been in the making for a long, long time. ...

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The Year of the Eagle


The Year of the Eagle

By Ed Martin

What a year this turned out to be

With The Donald and Phyllis,

with you and with me.

A great, great year, don’t you agree?

* * *

From her pen and her phone Phyllis sent forth word.

“Americans first,

they must be heard.”

84 times, she wrote or she spoke

“Listen to Trump

He’s knows us, the folks.”

In the Peabody theater (in her hometown St. Lou),

She met Mr. Trump

And she spoke what was true.

Mr. Trump showed his respect and then did agree:

“Your platform, dear Phyllis,

I’ll protect it, you’ll see.”

“And I give you my word, a pledge to you now

On judges I’ll deliver

And won’t let you down.”

Phyllis took the podium and declared that March day:

Trump’s the “choice” we’ve been seeking

Let the echoes now fade.

After Phyllis’ endorsed, Trump he soared

And swept all Republicans:

Our Phyllis had roared!

Into Cleveland Phyllis rode on her delegate’s steed

As she’d done each Convention

Since the 1950s.


She gathered Platform delegates, gave forth her advice:

“Keep smiling and pushing,

Be strong but be nice.”

The ’16 Platform turned out so strong and so clear:

Pro-life and pro-family

It has all we hold dear.

For Phyllis, the Platform was her life’s work:

She called this the best

(and she’d seen the worst!)

The RNC Life of the Party celebrated pro-life:

With Phyllis and Coach Holtz,

We were encouraged in our fight.

Phyllis nominated Trump with a big grin and wave:

Mr. Trump won their hearts

Just as Phyllis believed.

* * *

Down the campaign stretch, Phyllis kept up the fight:

Her 27th book – the Case 4 Trump –

Was just right!

The PAC she created ran ads and sent mail:

She taught us to fight

‘Til the very last stand.

The pundits kept saying “Trump just can’t win:”

But Phyllis knew something

Bigger than spin.

Phyllis knew from her heart to her toes:

Trump was special

And the people would show.

On November 8th when Trump won the race:

Can’t you just picture the smile

On St. Phyllis’ face.

* * *

2016 was not perfect after all

The Cub won the Series … O’ what a Fall!

(It’s true that a gang sued Phyllis with a splash:

But Judas and posers,

they simply don’t last.)

And, worst of it all (at least for us here!):

Was that Phyllis died

and was not near.

Her funeral was filled with many people of note:

But more than the people

it was filled with her hope.

As Trump said that day, Phyllis never wavered, not once:

She believed in the Lord

And she believes in us!

In her last days on earth,

Surrounded by friends

She laughed and we cried

“O’ how could this end?”

At the end of this year, we know what Phyllis taught:

Fight for the future, fight on at all costs.

* * *

We fight on, Phyllis.  We fight on!

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