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Pa. Patriots Set Gun Purchase Records Under Terrorist Obama’s Reign



From the Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party-Second Amendment Committee

During his eight years of terrible rule, Barack Hussein Obama did his best to disarm law-abiding Americans, even as he weakened America’s borders and tried to flood us with “refugees” who wanted to maim and behead us.

Obama’s nefarious efforts were given a big boost by fellow travelers like ex-NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg, congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and other left-wingers who fed us false information in an attempt to gut the Second Amendment.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania residents rejected their lies. In addition to voting for Trump rather than the anti-gun Clinton, Pennsylvania residents bought and transferred a record number of firearms in 2016, according to a report on

Concerns about terrorist attacks, violent crime and gun rights helped lead to the massive increase in the number of guns acquired by Pennsylvanians in 2016 compared to a decade earlier, experts said, according to the writeup.

In 2016, 797,358 guns were sold or transferred in shops and between private sellers in Pennsylvania. That compares to 404,528 guns sold and transferred in 2007, for an increase of 49.2 percent.

Joe Staudt, a former Marine and owner of Staudt’s Gun Shop in Harrisburg, said the prevalence of mass shootings and terrorist attacks have played a major part in the increased sales. When mass shootings occur, people become scared and seek self-protection, according to the article. Their first stop is a gun shop.

“It makes people feel vulnerable,” said Staudt, adding that the biggest sales spike he ever saw came after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.

“We, literally, sold everything we had,” Staudt said.

Proposed state and federal gun control legislation that seek to wipe out our Second Amendment rights also drives up sales. When lawmakers begin talking about weapon bans, additional background checks or ammo limitations, gun sales skyrocket, the article notes.

Even Shira Goodman, the radical executive director of CeaseFirePA (which seeks to deny citizens their right to self-defense) said that there was a huge spike in gun sales when lawmakers began proposing federal gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. In 2013, President Barack Hussein Obama proposed several gun control measures.

Goodman said sales may have been so high in 2016 because Obama proposed additional gun control measures in January. Goodman admits gun owners have a concern that the government is coming to take their guns away.

Goodman said the contentious presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton might have added to increased gun sales in 2016, since there were concerns that Hillary Clinton would try to take away our guns.

Staudt adds that stories of police officers being shot, violent protests and countless murders, aggravated assaults and robberies also drove law-abiding citizens to want to buy guns and feel protected. Staudt said he’s seen more women buying handguns in the past two years than ever before.

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