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Judicial Watch Victory: Court Finds Federal Photography Charges against 75-Year Old Los Angeles Veteran Robert Rosebrock Violate First Amendment

  From Judicial Watch Rosebrock to be tried Tuesday, April 18, on Federal charges of purportedly displaying two four-by-six inch American Flags ...

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Trump caters to his electoral base with 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order

By Natalia Castro at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government President Trump completely changed the electoral map in 2016. Now, ...

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GOP dodged bullet in Georgia should serve as wake-up call on agenda to avoid extinction in 2018

  By Peter Hong at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government Republicans in Washington today are breathing a huge sigh of ...

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News Release from State Senator John Eichelberger, Jr.

Committee Approves Five Bills HARRISBURG (April 19, 2017) – The Senate Education Committee today approved five bills, including legislation intended to ...

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Report: Taxpayers Potentially Paid Thousands of Union Officials

New bill would prevent full-time union workers from getting taxpayer-funded bonuses, pensions BY: Bill McMorris/the Washington Free Beacon Bill McMorris is a ...

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Schumer and Trump: Part of today's lion and lamb story (not)

By Wes Vernon at Renew America President Trump has let it be known that he's willing to ...

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Scott Walker Deals Another Blow to Big Labor in Wisconsin

By Ted Goodman /at The Daily Signal Ted Goodman is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ...

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Nuclear option not really so explosive

By Robert Meyer at Renew America Neal Gorsuch has been approved by majority vote to fill the vacant ...

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Labor Spent $1.7 Billion on Politics in 2016, Mostly for Dems

Trump still won 43 percent of union households BY: Bill McMorris/the Washington Free Beacon. Bill McMorris is a staff writer for the ...

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Arizona Dem Took Contributions From Owner of Site Linked to Underage Prostitution

Owners began increasing political contributions to Democrats when legal troubles piled up (Updated) BY: Joe Schoffstall/the Washington Free Beacon. Joe Schoffstall is ...

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The latest fake story from US intel

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By Donald Hank at Renew America

The latest MSM reports about the supposed Russian hacking are all focused on a side issue and their aim is to deceive you through a subtle ruse.

A prime example is the report of a new statement by the sneaky intel director, who sounds as if he is on Trump’s side but if you read the below-linked article, you see he is still pretending the Russians have been proven to be the hackers responsible for the DNC email leaks. This news of the slightly modified statement is being reported enthusiastically by naive conservatives who fail to notice that the main part of the fake narrative is still in place, namely, the fake story that the Russians were proven to have done the hacking. I showed yesterday, based on the flimsy justifications they gave for their ant-Russian narrative, that they absolutely have no evidence against Russia. Their stated “evidence” reflects the exact same tactic used by a UK “court” (which was not really a court of law) that did an investigation of Litvinienko’s death and after a lengthy probe, finally issued the verdict that Litvienienko was “probably” murdered by Putin. Guess what? There is no such thing as a verdict of “probably” in the jurisprudence of any country in the world! They might as well have simply said “we really really want to believe it was Putin because we hate his guts since he refuses to bow to the Washington hegemon.”

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