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by Alicia Powe /The Gateway Pundit Federal Election Commission records show that CrowdStrike, an FBI contractor and private cyber security firm, received ...

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Mueller Must Be Stopped for Everyone’s Sake

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People Calling For Obama’s Immediate Arrest After He Was Caught Breaking Federal Law Overseas

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No. 1: NYC Public Schools Spent $24,109 Per Pupil; But 72% Not Proficient in Reading, 72% Not Proficient in Math

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a public school. (Screen Capture) By Terence P. Jeffrey | cnsnews ( - The New York City public ...

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School Can Force Students to Share Bathrooms With Transgender Students, Federal Court Rules

Rachel del Guidice / @LRacheldG /  The Daily Signal “One day when I was in school, I walked into the bathroom and immediately ...

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Barletta Votes to End Crushing Regulation of Pennsylvania Community Banks and Credit Unions

Barletta Votes to End Crushing Regulation of Pennsylvania Community Banks and Credit Unions   WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) voted ...

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Will Independents Be Able to Vote in Pennsylvania Primaries?--CAP

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Will Independents Be Able to Vote in Pennsylvania Primaries? On Monday the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, ...

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Barletta Presses Education Secretary DeVos on Securing America’s Schools and the Importance of Afterschool Programs

Barletta Presses Education Secretary DeVos on Securing America’s Schools and the Importance of Afterschool Programs Barletta speaking with Secretary DeVos last ...

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'It's Not a Gun-Law Issue': 18-Year-Old Tells Texas Gov That Shooting Is About More Than Firearms

JENNI FINK | IJR Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old who knew one of the teachers killed during the shooting at Santa Fe High School, told Gov. Greg ...

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The Mass Shooting in Australia You Aren’t Hearing About

~ American Liberty Report Between the wild international news in Israel, Iran and North Korea, it’s easy to miss other international ...

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Berks County Republican Women–Press Release–Bathroom/Locker-room Policy




Date: April 27, 2017

Topic: Boyertown Area School District Bathroom/Locker-room Policy



The Boyertown Area School District, without parent or student notification, made an unwritten change to school policy and opened its sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex.


The Berks County Republican Women are honored and humbled to announce that Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale is supporting their effort to restore the traditional policy of sex-specific bathrooms and locker-rooms based on biological sex. “As an elected-official committed to preserving conservative values and upholding public-safety, Commissioner Gale’s leadership will help shed light on the priority of ensuring every child’s right to privacy and protection,” explained Carla D’Addesi, President of the Berks County Republican Women.


In his capacity as Montgomery County Commissioner, Mr. Gale directly represents families and students in three Montgomery County municipalities that are located within the boundaries of the Boyertown Area School District: Douglas Township, New Hanover Township and Upper Frederick Township


According to Commissioner Gale, “My constituents in Montgomery County and the residents of Berks County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can count on me to be their voice for common-sense. Liberal agendas driven by political-correctness run rampant should not undermine long-standing privacy policies for ensuring safe schools that for decades were understood and without controversy.”


In trusted partnership, the Berks County Republican Women and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale pledge to stand with the disenfranchised families and students across Boyertown Area School District in an effort to ultimately restore the district’s original bathroom and locker-room policy to again be based on biological sex. But Mr. Gale noted, “No matter the outcome, I will always work to guarantee the security and welfare of all children at all times.”


Berks Republican Women has a Call 2 Action, which can be found at urging BASD School Board to reverse bathroom/locker room policy to sex specific. “We, at BRW are opposed to opposite sexes using public school bathrooms and locker rooms. This is common sense and not an extreme idea,” stated Carla D’Addesi.


BRW President Carla D’Addesi can be reached at 484.626.0076 for interviews or more information.





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