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Will Be Deeply Critical of Him and Keep the Contributions’

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Shock: Wages and Jobs Soar at American Businesses ‘Hit’ by Metals Tariffs

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Good idea: Democrat mayor wants BLM protesters controlled with water cannons

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Legislation to Combat Soros-Funded Antifa In US At Federal Level

The bill, “Unmasking Antifa,” was introduced after members of the violent organization committed one too many acts of violence against ...

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More Evidence Of Maxine Waters' Influence: NY Man Arrested After Threatening To Murder Trump Supporters & GOP Congressman

Sadly, in today's political climate, too many people are sinking to their base nature and ready to erupt at the ...

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TORI MCNABB /redrightvidieos President Donald Trump and Melania Trump hosted a White House event to honor military mothers and spouses, who ...

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Chief of Staff John Kelly Shows What a Leader Looks Like When He Notices US Flag Tangled in Wind

MADISON DIBBLE | IJR Joe Raedle/Getty Images White House chief of staff John Kelly spent 43 years in the Marines serving the United States ...

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'This has been a longtime problem of mine'    JOE KOVACS/WND   Former President Jimmy Carter (video screenshot from HuffPostLive) Former President Jimmy Carter may ...

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Coming Civil War?



Coming Civil War?

Dear Commentator Editor,

Fifth Addition:    What is next?
Please read this article carefully—- —–it is something I have thought was developing for years.  The Progressive/Left element in this country—-within these past few months have launched an ideological open attack that can be seen—-and it has threaten to over whelm the people of this country.

Greenfield points out:
They have made it clear that they (The Left) will not accept the lawful authority of our system of government.  Greenfield says; Civil wars ends with one side controlling the other—“The left is a Treasonous movement.”—-“The old treason of the sixties has come of age.  A civil war has begun.”

My point; we must re-think our position and strategy as to what we must do to combat this newness with openness of aggression—coming from the left.  The conventional strategies of—sign carrying, protesting and throwing the bums out VIA elections— is not working.

They hate the “Constitutional System” and any democratic/republican mode of leadership within that Constitutional System of this country. We are now in an era were the call for authority must be of a “Higher Authority” which will be able to stand its ground—-and I say—-not many will accept God’s Authority which must be proclaimed locally VIA the churches and anybody that will be so bold as to stand. That proclamation of God’s “Higher Authority” must carry a heartfelt belief in Jesus Christ as their savior—-it then will bring into play the emotion of righteous indignation which it should and will carry with it as in the days of Cromwell, Luther and Calvin and the passing of the “Reformation” with its Puritans”.  The radical with his complete disregard of our “Western Civilization” and the idea of a country founded with a city and light on a hill—will manifest and force the Left into a complete hatred of the people—-who happen to love freedom and Christ.  One cannot reason or use any logic to make their point—the Left will not listen or change their Ideology.  It will be nothing less than open war.

The providence of this is interesting;  Take a look at this and please help promote our efforts.

Thank You and keep in touch—I would be interest in hearing—-your thoughts as to what Greenfield’s article conveys in the progression of the efforts—&—struggles between the “Left” and so called “Conservatives”.

Randy  Toman


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