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Trump Emerges Victorious in Two Year Battle to End Obamacare

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America will never be a socialist country

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The President Just Won Round 1 of the 2020 Fundraising Race

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State Republican Committee and Chairman are at it again!

By LVC Staff Note: The Lehigh Valley Commentator has recently learned of some troubling details concerning the State Republican Committee.  This ...

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Berks County Patriots Note CEPTA's Night with Congressional Candidate Dean Browning

Let's take the House back from the AOC and the radial left CEPTA ANNOUNCES A NIGHT WITH CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE  DEAN ...

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Rebecca Warren dealt dirty by PA State Republican Committee?

  Dear Editor,  I have been monitoring the disgusting behavior by the Pa State Republican Committee, regarding their treatment of Superior Court ...

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Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group–Report

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We Have Turned The Corner, Don’t Stop Now

After 8 years of fighting Obama and the extreme Left, it appears that the conservative grassroots movement is about run out of gas.  Across the country, we are seeing drastic reductions in the number of people who are willing to be actively engaged.

Many of us have hit a wall. Many are feeling deflated. Some are outright depressed. Few truly understand why.  I think I do.  With all of the negative press which is aimed at destroying President Trump, many of us are finally beginning to realize how bad the problem really is.

We’ve known for a long while that the entire Democrat party is against us and our conservative values.  For almost as long, we’ve known that higher education is indoctrinating our college kids. But now, the brainwashing and destruction of both tradition and morality is reaching down to our elementary schools.  A Leftist Hollywood, pop-music, and social sites pervade everyday life and the mainstream news is obsessed with destroying Trump.  Of course, we know it is not the man who they are after, but the very idea of a free and great America.  And, while we have wondered about the national GOP for some time, we now see that it is primarily lead by so called moderates who are nothing more than power-hungry cowards who would rather give in to Leftists than fight for our Constitution. But, most of us are truly surprised to learn that our federal bureaucracies, including our intelligence agencies, are overflowing with anti-Trump statists who want to hold on to their power at all costs.

If one is honest with oneself, it looks bad, really bad. The mask is off and what we are seeing – a Leftist America – is frightening.

Today, I ask that you set your fears aside.

I ask that you reach down deep and find a healthy dose of courage because there is hope. Know that this country was secured by the Left, probably back in 1988 with the election of Bush 41.  Globalists, statists, progressives, socialists, Islamists, and communists have all since taken a piece.  Now President Trump and his team are taking it back and our enemies are kicking, screaming, fighting, spitting, and shouting obscenities.

We must not stop now. Their absolute fury is proof that we are winning. It will likely take more time than we can endure, but endure we must. We can’t give up now. Our opponent is on the ropes. We need to pound him until he drops to his knees, falls on his face, and stays down for a 10 count.

Get some rest, here-and-there. Make time for family. Have some fun. But don’t walk away from the political fight. Keep coming out to our monthly general meetings, especially throughout the summer.  Pick an action committee that interests you and come to a committee meeting. Most are working on some tough issues. Find a little something to do, but do something.

It’s okay to sit and talk about various political problems, but if you don’t get involved with us in changing things, you’ll soon realize that you’ve wasted a lot of time talking when you should have been acting.

We need you. President Trump needs you. Your country needs you.

Recommit today.

//tom campione
Chairman, Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group

Talk is cheap.  Actually doing something only cost $15, join today!


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