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Trump Speaks Out On Mueller’s Russia Indictments, ‘Where’s Obama? Where’s The DNC Server?

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Indictments of 12 Russians Hit Ahead of Trump-Putin Meeting

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Trump to NATO: Pay 2% Of GDP Or More Like You Said You Would... Or Else

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To Protect Workers Lawmakers Want to Eliminate Secret Ballot--The CAP Report

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State Budget Funds Efforts to Combat Lyme Disease

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Weekly Roundup Friday, July 13, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol Budget Directs Funding to Lyme Disease This year’s ...

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Senate Is Killing State Welfare Reform

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Guess whose Rights are More Important than Yours?

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Decision Time for America: Venezuelan-Style Socialism or Winning

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Wealthy Liberal Elites Pose Threat To American Way

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Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance–action report

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Hello Citizens

Plans are shaping up. We’re canvassing Tom McGarrigle’s district starting Saturdays 4/29, 5/13, 5/20 & 6/3 in Upper Darby….but WHY?

In the Fall of 2014, Tom McGarrigle campaigned for the 26th Senate seat and pledged his support for SB76, the school Property Tax Independence Act. He then became Senator.

In Spring of 2015, Tom signed on as a “sponsor” of the bill and wrote letters to that affect. Go to to see it.

In June 2015, he posed for this group photo of 76 co-sponsors at a press conference.

Full Image

On November 18th 2015, he attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast which was held 5 days before the Senate vote on 76. Within hours he announced that he was pulling off the bill!

And just last month, Tommy said in the Delco Times that SB76 would “destroy” education in Southeastern Pennsylvania, thus repeating the lies being spread by the PSBA and PSEA.

So, we at PLA believe and you may agree, that Tom’s constituents should be made aware of his allegiance to the Special Interests and FLIP-FLOPPING on a bill that would prevent his constituents from Homeowner/property tax “disaster”, especially afer county-wide re-assessment recently ordered by a Delaware County judge.

These constituents just may be the catalyst to swing Turncoat Tom back to sanity and support what his own constituents voted for…true home ownership and School Property Tax Elimination!

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From the West, we’ll leave the Bethel Fire Company, 9675 Old 22, Bethel, PA 19507 at 7am.

Then we meetup with folks at the McDonald’s 400 Lancaster Ave, Reading, PA 19611 and leave there 7:45am.

Finally, we meet other 76ers at McGarrigle’s District office at 915am, 5037 Township Line Rd, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 to take a group photo in front of his office. Parking available next to Chickie & Pete’s.



Then we canvass the shopping centers pamphleteering as well as some going door to door.

We’ll break for lunch then hit the streets again until 230pm. Please contact Dean @ 717-821-5069 or email or reply to this event.

We’ll have all the maps and literature and clipboards you need.

We have a BLAST sharing the good news of school tax elimination and the economic relief and boom that will come to Pennsylvania! You won’t regret this experience!

Full Image

These efforts AND MORE will lead to several townhall meetings in the FLIP FLOPPER’s district.

What can you do to pass 76? Volunteers and donors are needed!

With enough people we will distribute 10,000’s of flyers, run newspaper ads, make robo-calls, send direct mail and rent halls to give David Baldinger’s, Property Tax Independence Act 76 presentation by PLA President Ron Boltz.

We’ve done this before with great success. We’ve done this ALL over the state. Now the 76 Roadshow is coming to Delaware County!

Reply to this event to volunteer.

Go to or PO Box 98, Bethel PA 19507 to donate.

Check out the Hall of Shame on our new website.

You’re needed now more than ever before!

For Liberty,
Dean Klopp, Co-founder

Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance, Inc. is 501c(4) non-profit, grassroots organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible.

© 2017 Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 98
Bethel, PA 19507 USA

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