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How $37 Million from the Clinton Foundation Disappeared in Baltimore


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Sweden Tries Another Socialist Experiment, Fails Horribly

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Rally –Tell Charlie Dent what you think of his actions


LVC Note,  photo was from LVC files.  The rest of this notice was taken from Americans for Limited Government.



Five acts of liberal surrender by U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent

Aug. 30, 2017

Dear Liberty Activist,

Click here to get your free tickets to the Allentown, Pa. rally for President Donald Trump!

Fed up with liberal Tuesday Group Chairman U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent’s (R-Pa.) constant acts of surrender to the Left, pro-Trump forces will be gathering on Friday, Sept. 1 in Dent’s hometown of Allentown to call on Dent to start backing President Donald Trump’s agenda in Congress. The “No Surrender” team cited Dent’s top five acts of liberal surrender.

  1. A month before the election, Dent called on then-candidate Donald Trump to withdraw his candidacy.
  2. When Trump stayed in, Dent voted against Trump for President.In spite of Dent’s opposition, Trump still won Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District by seven points — as well as the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Dent’s adamant opposition to candidate Trump has served as prologue to his opposition to President Trump’s agenda.
  3. Only months ago, Dent rounded up a gang of 20 likeminded, liberal Republicans and sent a letter threatening to derail the House Budget Committee’s budget resolution because it would curb the growth of entitlement spending.   If big spending appropriator Charlie Dent can’t accept even modest cuts to entitlement spending and a pathway to a balanced budget – a staple of GOP principles – no wonder he’s so desperate to work with Democrats.
  4. Shortly after Trump took office, Dent attacked Trump’s proposed travel ban, saying “You can’t do that to people.”
  5. When House leaders failed at trying to get Obamacare overhaul legislation passed, Dent called on them to abandon their efforts to repeal Obamacare and work with the Democrats. After liberal Republicans torpedoed the Senate health care bill, Dent and his cohorts released a “bipartisan” plan to bail-out health insurers keeping them on government-funded life support.  Dent led the charge to depose his fellow Tuesday Group co-chair for daring to work with the conservative House Freedom Caucus on Obamacare, rather than the Democrats.  Dent and the rest of the Pennsylvania Surrender Caucus (Reps. Ryan Costello, Mike Fitzpatrick, and Patrick Meehan) joined just 16 other House Republicans in voting against the House-passed Obamacare overhaul bill, after voting just two years ago for repeal legislation that had no chance of being enacted.

“Charlie Dent’s career has been nothing more than a laundry list of abject surrender to the liberal Democrats,” said event cosponsor Ed Martin.  “Americans are fed up and ready to reclaim the mantle of last November’s election.  On Friday, we will call out liberal Tuesday Group leader Charlie Dent and the entire Pennsylvania Surrender Caucus and tell them to get back in line with the Trump agenda or get out of the way.”

What: Lehigh Valley “No Surrender” Rally

When: Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, Noon to 1:30 pm (eastern)

Where: Jordan Park, 6th Street & Sumner Avenue, Allentown, Pa.

Sponsoring Organizations: Americans for Limited Government and Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagles

Media availability before and during event upon request at

For more information, including tickets, check us out at and click here for your free tickets!

Let’s keep fighting!

For Liberty,

Robert Romano Vice President of Public Policy Americans for Limited Government

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