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Steve Bannon Brings Up 2020 and Makes Prediction on Number of Electoral Votes Trump Gets

BY JUSTEN CHARTERS/IJR @ABCPolitics /Twitter Steve Bannon is no longer working in the White House. But that hasn't stopped him from being actively engaged in ...

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Conservatives Fault Senate Republicans for Slow Confirmation of Trump Nominees

Casey Ryan / The Daily Signal “Also troubling is the Republican insistence that Democrats are ‘obstructing’ votes on these nominations, as claimed ...

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Top Pentagon posts are 70 percent vacant as confirmations continue to lag

by Travis J. Tritten |Washington Examiner. The slow pace of confirming Trump administration nominees shows no signs of abating at the Pentagon as ...

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Pop Goes the Liberal Media Bubble

Column: Trump drives the mainstream media to abandon the pretense of objectivity Getty Images BY: Matthew Continetti/the Washington Free Beacon For years, reporters were ...

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Trump: Corker ‘Begged’ Trump for Endorsement, ‘Didn’t Have the Guts’ to Run Again

Sen. Bob Corker / Getty Images BY: Jack Heretik / the Washington Free Beacon President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning that Sen. Bob Corker (R., ...

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Trump on Iran Decision: ‘Radical Regime’ Has Spread ‘Death, Destruction, and Chaos’ Around Globe BY: David Rutz / the Washington Free Beacon. President Donald Trump on Friday laid out Iran's long history of terror sponsorship and destabilizing behavior ...

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America at the Crossroads of Revival or Ruin

October 5, 2017 Dear Friend,      As America continues to reel from the devastating attack in Las Vegas, Stand in the ...

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Here's the List of Reps in Congress Fighting Trump's Transgender Ban

JONAH BENNETT/Freedom Outpost Democratic and Republican members of Congress introduced a bill Friday to block the Pentagon from removing active-duty transgender ...

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State Dept. Reveals 2,800 Documents From Huma Abedin Found on Anthony Weiner’s Computer

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin / Getty BY: Paul Crookston / the Washington Free Beacon The FBI found 2,800 documents on Anthony Weiner's personal laptop ...

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Hypocrisy in Liberal Racism

~ American Liberty Report The tragedy in Las Vegas was terrible, and it deserves our attention. Still, we shouldn’t let it ...

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Lehigh County Republican Committee VP Resigns, scolds Chairwoman



The Lehigh County Republican Committee VP, Dean Browning, has resigned effective Friday the 15th.  Proceeds to scold the Chairwoman, Jessica Bonotai.  The Commentator has obtained a copy of the letter.  Please see below;


This is to follow-up our meeting this morning and to give you written
notice that I am resigning my position as vice chair of the Lehigh County
Republican Committee effective today.

I have truly enjoyed working with you and Trevor over the past 19 months
and I believe you have been a very effective chair with a number of
positive accomplishments.  As a result, this is not a step that I take
lightly.  However, it is vitally important that the members of the Lehigh
County Republican Committee as well as the Republican voters in Lehigh
County believe that they are the ones that decide which candidates will
represent our party in elections.  We can not control what is in our hearts
when it comes to candidates.  But as leaders of the Lehigh County
Republican Committee (and absent an endorsement by that Committee), we have
to avoid any appearance that steps will be taken to advantage one candidate
over another.  In that regard, I think your position as chair is
compromised beyond repair.

Compounding that is the use by you of Nazi references to impugn one
announced candidate (who also happens to be a four time elected Republican
official).  Labeling Republicans as racists, fascists, Nazis, etc. has long
been a deplorable tactic employed by those on the Left.  For Nazi smears to
be used by Republican leadership when discussing another Republican elected
official and/or candidate is completely unacceptable.

Yesterday afternoon and again this morning, you expressed to me your
commitment to continue as chair.  Given that, I feel I can not continue as
vice chair as I believe that would mean I approve of and support the above

I will continue in my position as Committee person for South Whitehall 2.
Please feel free to share my decision to resign with the rest of the
Committee so that there can be some thought given to a potential
replacement prior to our October meeting.

With regret,


*Dean N. Browning*

Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer


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