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Economist Says Eliminating State and Local Tax Deduction Helps Lower Taxes by $1 Trillion

100 state legislators sign letter to Congress to urge them to eliminate the deduction and pass tax reform Getty Images BY: Ali Meyer / the ...

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We Hear You: The IRS, the Rich, the Nanny State, Republicans, Trump, and Tax Reform

Ken McIntyre / @KenMac55 / The Daily Signal House Speaker Paul Ryan makes closing remarks Sept. 27 at the Capitol as Senate and House ...

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Steve Bannon Brings Up 2020 and Makes Prediction on Number of Electoral Votes Trump Gets

BY JUSTEN CHARTERS/IJR @ABCPolitics /Twitter Steve Bannon is no longer working in the White House. But that hasn't stopped him from being actively engaged in ...

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Conservatives Fault Senate Republicans for Slow Confirmation of Trump Nominees

Casey Ryan / The Daily Signal “Also troubling is the Republican insistence that Democrats are ‘obstructing’ votes on these nominations, as claimed ...

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Top Pentagon posts are 70 percent vacant as confirmations continue to lag

by Travis J. Tritten |Washington Examiner. The slow pace of confirming Trump administration nominees shows no signs of abating at the Pentagon as ...

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Pop Goes the Liberal Media Bubble

Column: Trump drives the mainstream media to abandon the pretense of objectivity Getty Images BY: Matthew Continetti/the Washington Free Beacon For years, reporters were ...

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Trump: Corker ‘Begged’ Trump for Endorsement, ‘Didn’t Have the Guts’ to Run Again

Sen. Bob Corker / Getty Images BY: Jack Heretik / the Washington Free Beacon President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning that Sen. Bob Corker (R., ...

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Trump on Iran Decision: ‘Radical Regime’ Has Spread ‘Death, Destruction, and Chaos’ Around Globe BY: David Rutz / the Washington Free Beacon. President Donald Trump on Friday laid out Iran's long history of terror sponsorship and destabilizing behavior ...

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America at the Crossroads of Revival or Ruin

October 5, 2017 Dear Friend,      As America continues to reel from the devastating attack in Las Vegas, Stand in the ...

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Here's the List of Reps in Congress Fighting Trump's Transgender Ban

JONAH BENNETT/Freedom Outpost Democratic and Republican members of Congress introduced a bill Friday to block the Pentagon from removing active-duty transgender ...

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Letter writer puts State Legislators on notice




To the Pennsylvania Legislature:
I am sending this letter to every media outlet in Pennsylvania, and to thousands of tax-paying drivers.
Tom McCarey Member, National Motorists Association

Dear Editor:

The Backlash has begun!

California Residents Fight Back Against Road Diets
Los Angeles, California residents strike back against Vision Zero.

In a blistering repudiation of Vision Zero, 63% of Playa del Rey, California, residents (4794) signed an on-line petition “opposing the ‘one lane madness.’ A counter petition by Vision Zero proponents failed to gather 1000 signatures.” , showing that Vision Zero is being pushed by a tiny, vocal minority.

Vision Zero is also unwanted by Philadelphians at large, and is unneeded. It’s a Soviet Socialist central planning tool that its proponents hope will eradicate automobiles. Trouble is, people don’t want to live like that.

A very small, very vocal and belligerent group of agitators at the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia (BCOP) is behind Vision Zero, and they want to control you using the deception that “It’s for Safety!” They also feel morally superior because they are doing so much to save the planet by biking. They vilify and shout down any reasoned opposition to their Crusade.

Oppose Vision Zero, and especially let your elected officials know, in no uncertain terms, that you will not tolerate the traffic obstructions demanded by the BCOP. Thank you.
Tom McCarey Member, National Motorists Association

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