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Franken Hypocrisy and Objectification of Women

The Democrat senator was photographed groping a woman. What if we had known before he was elected? By Nate Jackson · at ...

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Florida Democratic Party Chief Steps Down Amid Reports of Harassment

Stephen Bittel / YouTube BY: Paul Crookston /  the Washington Free Beacon. The head of the Florida Democratic Party announced Friday that he is stepping ...

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Innocent Americans Are Being Squeezed by Local Authorities. Here’s How Congress Can Bring Reform.

Jason Snead / @jasonwsnead / The Daily Signal Between 2001 and 2014, law enforcement officials seized more than $2.5 billion from 62,000 people ...

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Video: GOP Senator Toomey Absolutely Destroys Democrat Lies About Tax Reform Bill

By Martin Walsh /Western Journal With many Democrats claiming the the GOP’s tax overhaul will not help all Americans, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey ...

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13 Republicans Vote ‘No’ as House Passes Tax Reform 227-205

By Terence P. Jeffrey | cnsnews House Speaker Paul Ryan (Screen Capture) ( - Thirteen Republicans broke with their party leadership and voted “no” ...

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In 1 Chart, the Differences Between the House and Senate Tax Reform Bills

Adam Michel / @adamnmichel / The Daily Signal House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Paul Ryan congratulate each other while celebrating the ...

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Border Patrol Chief: Trump’s Support Has ‘Definitely Had a Positive Effect’

Carla Provost / Wikimedia Commons BY: Paul Crookston / the Washington Free Beacon. Acting Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said Tuesday that President Donald Trump's ...

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An ICE Agent Got Shot 3 Times in Mexico. Now, He’s Looking for Justice.

Michelle Malkin / @michellemalkin / The Daily Signal ICE agent Victor Avila was severely wounded, and his partner killed, during a mission in a ...

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Repealing the Obamacare Mandate Lets Americans Keep More of Their Money

Adam Michel / @adamnmichel / The Daily Signal A sign at an insurance store last month advertises Obamacare in the San Ysidro district of ...

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Senate Makes Bold Move, Includes Repeal of Obamacare’s Individual Mandate in Tax Bill

Whitney Jones / Marie Fishpaw / Edmund Haislmaier / The Daily Signal  The individual mandate remains the lynchpin of Obamacare. (Photo: Pool/Sipa USAPool/Sipa USA/Newscom) COMMENTARY ...

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State Rep Justin Simmons Announces that he will run for Congress against Charlie Dent

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – September 6, 2017


CONTACT: Ryan Shafik





 Representative Justin Simmons will primary turncoat Charlie Dent

                Dent has gone off the political rails, continues to side with Pelosi while undermining Republican policies.


 (Coopersburg, PA)  – Justin Simmons, the conservative Republican legislator, officially declared his candidacy against longtime liberal Congressman Charlie Dent.   Simmons has received substantial positive feedback since his public pronouncement about possibly challenging Dent last week.  As a result, Simmons is taking the next step by declaring his candidacy today through a video on his website:

“Like many Republicans, I used to support Charlie Dent.  But in the past year, Charlie Dent has completely gone off the rails.  Dent has been on the wrong side of every major issue from ObamaCare, spending, border security and the list goes on. ”  Simmons explains.

“His actions don’t stop with a simple NO vote. Dent spends most of his efforts conspiring with Democrats to undermine the Republicans in Congress and the President. Charlie Dent now sides more with Nancy Pelosi than with the Republican voters who sent him there. ”

“I have a proven conservative record of fighting for limited government. Republicans deserve a new conservative voice committed to repealing the failed polices of the Obama era and support common-sense conservative policies voters sent Republicans to pass. I intend to give them that new voice.”

“I will not be seeking reelection to the Pennsylvania House.  I’m running regardless of how many other candidates may enter or leave this race.  I am 110% committed until the end and look forward to connecting with the voters in 15th District. ” Simmons concludes.

The 15th Congressional district covers Lehigh county and parts of Northampton, Berks, Lebanon and Dauphin counties.

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