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Senator Scott Wagner

Credit Downgrade Due to Void of Leadership, Wagner says

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2017 Credit Downgrade Due to Void of Leadership, Wagner says HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) voiced his ...

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Likely Next Solicitor General Fought for Nuns, Against Disputed Obama Appointees

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH /The Daily Signal Noel Francisco, President Trump's nominee for solicitor general, testifies May 10 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. ...

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ECONOMYNEWS Conservatives Call for Tax Reform to ‘Put Small Businesses Back at the Heart of America’s Economy’

Rachel del Guidice / @LRacheldG / The Daily Signal “We spend more on filing taxes every year than we put into innovation in ...

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Why is anyone talking about DACA when the RAISE Act ending chain migration still has not passed?

By Robert Romano at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government “Chain migration cannot be allowed to be part of any ...

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Fundamentally Wrong About Fundamental Rights

By Derek Hunter at Townhall |   Did you realize you have a right to not be offended? That you have a right to other ...

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The Mythical Constitution

Joseph Postell / @JoePostell /The Daily Signal Detail from a frieze depicting the signing of the Constitution decorates the U.S. Capitol. (Photo: Steve ...

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Does the Constitution mean what the Supreme Court says it means?

  By Bryan Fischer at Renew America Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at "Focal Point" Host of "Focal Point" on ...

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Taking the Red Pill: Democrats Are Losing Support Fast

~ Conservative Zone Eight years of job-killing economic policies, failure to close out the War on Terror and Hillary Clinton’s 41 ...

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Family Institute Dropped by Payment Processing Company After SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Designation

Morse: It's convenient for the SPLC to 'stand me up next to a guy with a swastika and a white ...

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How to Stop Democrats From Stonewalling Judicial Nominees

Elizabeth Slattery / @EHSlattery / Tiffany Bates / @TiffanyHBates / The Daily Signal Sen. Ron Wyden is one of two Oregon Democratic senators seeking to block Ryan ...

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We got Congressman Charlie Dent to retire a week after holding a rally in his district!



From NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Sept. 7, 2017

Dear Liberty Activist,

Click here to donate to start more rallies in your districts to serve notice on the Tuesday Group RINO Republicans that refuse to implement the Trump agenda! AND THEN FORWARD THIS EMAIL!

U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), co-chair of the RINO obstructionist Tuesday Group, is tonight calling it quits after 12 years as a Congressman — less than six days after Americans for Limited Government co-sponsored a rally in his district in Allentown, Pa. demanding that he implement the Trump agenda that won the election in 2016 or else be primaried. We have to make this a national movement!

In his statement announcing his retirement, Dent complained of “disruptive outside influences” that had interfered with the politics in his district. In the meantime, most of the speakers at the Allentown rally were local speakers who had simply had enough with this do-nothing, obstruct-everything establishment Republican.

To be fair, we were there, too, to help live stream the rally, which also featured Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning, a Maryland native. It does not matter where we come from, however.

We don’t care. We’re coming after these obstructionists in the GOP wherever they are who only care about hurting the President — and the country in the process.

But we need your help to do this to every single House Republican still in the Tuesday Group or any other group in the House who wants to stop President Trump from building the wall, cutting taxes, repealing Obamacare and rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

These Tuesday Group Republicans don’t care — about helping the country. They only care about keeping their power. Once they know they can’t keep it, however, they’ll fold just like the cheap tent Charlie Dent just did. We just proved it.

You see, these establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C.  think their job is to keep you and your priorities in check. They think the American people wielding their rightful political power is too dangerous. Too controversial. That you won’t fight for it. That this nation’s time has passed.

Well, it’s time to let these hack politicians know that it’s their time that has passed, just like the citizens of Allentown, Pa. just let Charlie Dent know! When you make your voice heard, they will run for the hills.

Click here to donate $50, $100, $200 or $500 to hold more rallies in the districts of the obstructionist Tuesday Group Republicans and on Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, you can show them who’s the boss!

The more you give, if we’re successful, the more rallies we’ll be able to put on across the country, and you’ll finally have a majority in Congress who will work with President Trump. A true majority that represents you, the silent majority. A Congress you can be proud of.

Enough is enough with these Tuesday Group losers who only know how to say no. They have got to go! But only you can help make that possible.

Let’s keep fighting! Nobody else is going to do it. It’s just us. We’re counting on you.

For Liberty,


Robert Romano Vice President of Public Policy Americans for Limited Government

P.S. I’ve been sending you these notes for almost 10 years now. You know me. We don’t spam you with donation letters. We send you information and ways to contact your Congressmen when there’s an important issue. But rallies cost money. You know that if I’m sending this to you now, we really need your help to remove these obstructionist, RINO Republicans from office once and for all. If they’re not going to implement the Trump agenda, then we need to find Congressmen who will! FORWARD THIS EMAIL! We’ve got them on the run!


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