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Exclusive - Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’

Exclusive—Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’ by SEAN MORAN10 Jan 2018265 Rep. Lou Barletta ...

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Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study

Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study       WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the National Institute of Building Sciences released findings from ...

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“Obama Gas Station” Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

BY STEVEN BEYER /Conservative Tribune When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over ...

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VA Governor: You’d Have To Pick Trump Up Off The Floor If He Got In My Space

 TIM BROWN —  Freedom Outpost Honestly, some of the rhetoric we continue to hear coming out of some people's mouths when it comes ...

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When Socialists Run Out Of Other People's Money, What Happens?

 DANIEL GREENFIELD —Freedom Outpost Prime Minister Thatcher once famously observed that socialists "always run out of other people's money." But what actually happens ...

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New York Dem Arrested for Stealing from Hurricane Sandy Victims

By Joe Setyon /The Western Journalism New York State Democrat Assemblywoman Pamela Harris was arrested Tuesday for allegedly defrauding the federal and state ...

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Psychiatrist who made baseless diagnosis of Trump has expired medical license

Michael Vadon / CCL Conservative Institute The Yale University psychology professor who “called in” her conclusion that President Trump was “mentally impaired” ...

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Nearly 50 Percent of Illegal Aliens in State Prison Are Sex Offenders

BY GABRIELLE CINTORINO /Conservative Tribune One in fifteen prisoners incarcerated in Oregon are illegal aliens, and a whopping 50 percent are in jail ...

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Al Gore Blames the ‘Climate Crisis’ for Cold Weather. But Actually, It’s Just January.

Ed Feulner / @EdFeulner /The Daily Signal                    Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 9, ...

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Global Warming Dealt Death Blow as Sahara Desert Gets 16 Inches of Snow

 BY BEN MARQUIS /Conservative Tribune  Global warming fear-mongers made dire predictions just a few short years ago that mankind had witnessed the “end ...

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Cressona Town Hall Meeting Announced by Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition




Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

Contact: David Baldinger


October 13, 2017




Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition Announces

Cressona Town Hall Meeting In Support Of School Property Tax Elimination


Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition (PTCC), a statewide grassroots education finance reform alliance, today announced a school property tax elimination town hall meeting for Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.


In making its announcement, the PTCC noted that the legislation being presented is a true nonpartisan grassroots bill that was crafted by members of the PTCC. This measure, House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76, the Property Tax Independence Act, will, upon enactment, abolish and equitably replace relentlessly rising school property taxes and restructure a crumbling, antiquated education finance system.  Taxpayers from throughout northeast Pennsylvania are urged to attend this meeting to learn the details of this plan, the benefits it can accrue to them, and how they can assist in the effort for enactment.


David Baldinger, spokesperson and administrator of the PTCC, said: “For thirty years the homeowners of Pennsylvania have been deceived time and again by phony, unsound property tax relief schemes and false promises of property tax reform. The Property Tax Independence Act will at last give legitimate, sustainable relief to the beleaguered homeowners of Pennsylvania through total school property tax elimination.”


The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 19, at the Good Will Hose Company, 34 South Sillyman Street, Cressona. Admission is free.  Members of the PTCC will be available to answer questions and lawmakers from the Schuylkill County area have been invited to attend to field questions and hear comments.


The PTCC is a member of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations, an alliance of eighty-seven grassroots taxpayer advocacy groups from across Pennsylvania that is dedicated to equitable education funding reform through the principles and mechanism of the Property Tax Independence Act.






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