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Hardball: McConnell Changes Rule to Overcome Obstruction of Trump's Judicial Picks, Dems Fume

By Guy Benson at Townhall | This may seem like an abstruse parliamentary maneuver -- and it is -- but Mitch McConnell just escalated ...

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National Sheriffs’ Association: ‘They Just Outlawed Crime Fighting in California’

By Craig Bannister | "They just outlawed crime fighting in California." (Screenshot) “Someone is about to be harmed” because California lawmakers have put the ...

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Californication Reaches New Lows

While reducing penalties for knowingly infecting someone with HIV, the state punishes anyone using "wrong" pronouns. By Lewis Morris · at ...

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Pennsylvania Family Council --2017 Judicial Voter's Guide

 From The Pennsylvania Family Council - 2017 Judicial Voter's Guide Non-partisan and church-friendly.  Printable guide for statewide judicial candidates. Questionnaire responses ...

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Bannon: GOP's Entire ‘Establishment Globalist Clique' Must Go

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for President Trump, is putting together a coalition to challenge all establishment Republicans. (Photo: Screen ...

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Squishy Republicans are Calling it Quits

   THE COMMON CONSTITUTIONALIST — Freedom Outpost In early September, Charlie Dent, Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania and co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, ...

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Cliven Bundy: Feds don't own Western states

Larry Klayman shares news in battle over land seized illegally by U.S. government   By Larry Klayman at Renew America Events important ...

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Trump’s Strategy Is Clearly Working As 20 Other Nations Take Action Against North Korea

"Other nations are responding ..." By Ellysa Chenery/Western Journalism President Donald Trump’s controversial handling of North Korea has reportedly led to international action, ...

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If you want to get Iran to the negotiating table, declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization

    By Printus LeBlanc at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government As Oct. 15 approaches President Donald Trump must decide whether ...

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Iran on Pathway to Fully Restart Nuclear Weapons Program

Top lawmakers urge Trump not to leave deal Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sits among senior army staff / Getty Images BY: Adam Kredo  ...

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The Las Vegas shootings

LVC Note:  this is an excellent article, long but making good logical points.  Check out the videos that appear to show a second shooter.  Note what appears to be muzzle flashes coming from a lower floor.
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By Chuck Baldwin at Renew America

I will just say it upfront: I am extremely cynical of any and all mass shootings – and the one in Las Vegas is no exception. Soon after the shootings, I posted this on my Facebook page:

    • Some preliminary thoughts:
    • *How does ONE guy take that many long guns and that much ammunition into a hotel room without being noticed or raising someone’s suspicion? Those Vegas casino hotels have cameras everywhere. This is Las Vegas, for heaven’s sake. Every staff person in these establishments is trained to be alert for suspicious behavior.
    • *Witnesses said that “strange” people were going through the crowd prior to the shooting telling folks that they were going to die. What’s that all about?
    • *There were reports of shots coming out of a lower floor window in the hotel. What’s that all about? Early reports quoted people saying that there were several shooters. Then later, it was declared that there was only one shooter. This seems to happen in every single mass shooting incident.
    • *The shooter was found dead from an apparent suicide when police entered his hotel room. No one else around to tell the story. This seems to be another common denominator in these mass shooting incidents. All we know is what law enforcement officials tell us.
    • *Pro-gun legislation currently before Congress, including a bill legalizing silencers and a bill legalizing national concealed carry reciprocity, is now dead. And pro-gun control zealots are out in force pushing for more gun control. This is another common denominator.
    • *According to the shooter’s brother, the shooter was not a “gun guy” and only owned a small number of guns. So a man in his early sixties suddenly becomes a “gun nut” and starts amassing all of these firearms during the couple of years after moving to Nevada, while he had never done so throughout his entire life beforehand? Really?
    • By the way, the media is acting as if the ownership of 28 (or whatever the latest number is) firearms is something far out. That might be true in New Jersey or Massachusetts, but here in Montana it is barely average. Reports say the average home in Montana has 27 guns in it. Heck, there are more guns in the average pickup truck here in Montana than in the average home just about anywhere else.
    • If this was another government false flag event (I don’t buy the claim that the shooter was an ISIS convert for one second), I doubt that local police were in on it. Local police do what they are trained to do, and that means looking at the crime scene AFTER it takes place. False flag events are perpetrated by national and even international professionals. They know how to make it look to local police the way they want it to look. After all, they have been doing this since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
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