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Avoiding the Politicization of Mental Health Care Reform

We should be very wary about how much power we're willing to concede to "well-meaning" government officials. By Arnold Ahlert · ...

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Harvard Investigation Shows Doctors Are Paid Huge Sums To Prescribe Addictive Opioids

By Phillip Schneider - at The Daily Bell and   Waking Times In 2010, it was found that roughly 100,000 Americans die each year from ...

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By JON RAPPOPORT - at The Daily Bell   Well, there is the money, of course. When millions of people forego expensive and ...

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Lifelong Dem. Ditches Party, Gun Grabbers After Horrifying San Francisco Encounter

BY BENJAMIN ARIE /Conservative Tribune Reality has a way of throwing a wrench in leftist narratives. That’s what one former anti-gun liberal found ...

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Collapsed FIU Bridge Built By Radical Anti-White Feminist Company Who BRAGGED About Hiring “Unqualified” Minority Employees

“Awarding people based on their accomplishments or excellence is a sign of white supremacy” by A. Michael Smith /envolve     Munilla Construction, the South Miami-based ...

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MSM Won’t Push SC Mass Killing Story Because It’s So Destructive to Their Narrative

BY BEN MARQUIS /Conservative Tribune Whenever there is a shooting in which three or more people are murdered, the mainstream media devotes ample ...

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Schools Ditch Obama Reqs on Suspension, Instantly See Shocking Racial Trend Emerge

BY ROB SHIMSHOCK /Conservative Tribune Officials in a Minneapolis school district are trying to figure out why black students are suspended three times ...

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Sheriff: Armed Officer Ends School Shooting in Maryland

By Susan Jones | cnsnews Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County, Maryland. (Photo is from school's website) (Update: School shooter has died.) ( ...

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T&I Committee: Barletta Statement on Impacts of the 2017 Wildfires in the United States

Barletta Statement from Hearing on Impacts of the 2017 Wildfires in the United States For Immediate Release: March 20, 2018 Contact: Justin Harclerode or Jeff Urbanchuk (202) ...

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Senator Mike Folmer Column: It's About the Kids

“It’s about the kids.”  From the time I was first elected to the General Assembly, these are the words I’ve ...

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Hillary, sexual abuse and equal men’s rights!

Larry Klayman sees women as ‘protected species’ too often not held accountable

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By Larry Klayman at Renew America

Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the Left, has spent the last week largely protesting that if a special counsel is finally appointed to investigate and likely prosecute her racketeering enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation – which took bribes on her and Bill’s behalf to grease the sale of uranium to Russian interests – it would be an abuse of process and an affront to the rule of law. Notwithstanding my petition to be appointed that special counsel at the direction of President Donald Trump (Go to to sign the petition), Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has allegedly perjured himself before Congress, is himself under investigation by the other special counsel, Robert Mueller, and is loathe to appoint one for Hillary, as those in glass houses don’t generally throw stones.

In reality, the primary reason the Wicked Witch, in my opinion, has not been prosecuted for her illegal capers, even dating back to well before the corrupt Clinton administration, is because she is a woman. And, despite some valid claims of sexual harassment now permeating the media, women, when it comes to being held accountable under the law, are generally given a pass and are in effect a “protected species.”

Even my favorite judge, the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, would never allow me to take the deposition of Hillary Clinton in the famous Filegate lawsuit I brought while I was running Judicial Watch. In that case, Hillary was the lead defendant, having illegally ordered up the FBI files on over 900 persons she considered adversaries, to dig up dirt and then smear them. Judge Lamberth, who is a Southern gentlemen, could never summon up the stomach to have me put her under oath, even when it was shown that she not only illegally obtained FBI files, but also hid key evidence as part of the Wicked Witch’s first email scandal.

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