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Report cites threat to shorebirds because of July snow     So much for global warming. A report from Scientific American said there are problems ...

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Just sayin #7

By Wes Vernon at Renew America Edward Griffin, in his Need to Know column, wrote that he has seen the film ...

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Bill Nelson’s Campaign Avoiding Taxes, Health Care Costs on Campaign Staff

Nelson is the only 2018 Democrat with no staff on payroll, relying only on contractors, filings show Bill Nelson / Getty ...

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Surprising Issues Driving Voter Decisions

American Pastors Network Surprising Issues Driving Voter Decisions The Latest Research from George Barna The Rise of the Marxist Left Listen Here (3:42) >> Surprising Issues ...

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Pelosi Caught at Philly Fundraiser in Company of Tax Evader, Union Officials Under FBI Investigation

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi / Getty Images BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was spotted ...

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Sanctuary City Continues To Plummet, Citizens Warned To Watch-Out in Full Page Ad

BY ERIC LIEBERMAN /WJ Someone in San Francisco purchased a full-page ad Friday telling city residents to “Watch your backs — nobody else ...

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Pattern of Botched Abortions Plague “Abortionist to the Stars”

By Operation Rescue By Cheryl Sullenger Beverly Hills, CA – Hundreds of people drive by it every day without giving it a second ...

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14 states with laws on the books that would ban abortion

From the Horn News President Donald Trump’s appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court has raised the ...

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Planned Parenthood New York's New Rallying Cry: 'Protect Our Freedom to F**k'

SAM DORMAN | IJR When President Donald Trump announced he would nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood and others issued responses vehemently opposing ...

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Why hasn't NAACP denounced racist comments by Planned Parenthood's founder?

By Clenard Childress Renew America NAACP religiously monitors the world for racist comments made by dignitaries, especially elected officials and ...

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Hillary, sexual abuse and equal men’s rights!

Larry Klayman sees women as ‘protected species’ too often not held accountable

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By Larry Klayman at Renew America

Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the Left, has spent the last week largely protesting that if a special counsel is finally appointed to investigate and likely prosecute her racketeering enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation – which took bribes on her and Bill’s behalf to grease the sale of uranium to Russian interests – it would be an abuse of process and an affront to the rule of law. Notwithstanding my petition to be appointed that special counsel at the direction of President Donald Trump (Go to to sign the petition), Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has allegedly perjured himself before Congress, is himself under investigation by the other special counsel, Robert Mueller, and is loathe to appoint one for Hillary, as those in glass houses don’t generally throw stones.

In reality, the primary reason the Wicked Witch, in my opinion, has not been prosecuted for her illegal capers, even dating back to well before the corrupt Clinton administration, is because she is a woman. And, despite some valid claims of sexual harassment now permeating the media, women, when it comes to being held accountable under the law, are generally given a pass and are in effect a “protected species.”

Even my favorite judge, the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, would never allow me to take the deposition of Hillary Clinton in the famous Filegate lawsuit I brought while I was running Judicial Watch. In that case, Hillary was the lead defendant, having illegally ordered up the FBI files on over 900 persons she considered adversaries, to dig up dirt and then smear them. Judge Lamberth, who is a Southern gentlemen, could never summon up the stomach to have me put her under oath, even when it was shown that she not only illegally obtained FBI files, but also hid key evidence as part of the Wicked Witch’s first email scandal.

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