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Breaking: Yesterday’s Indicted Leakers Are Linked To Mueller Team Member Andrew Weissman And DOJ Fusion GPS Collaborator Bruce Ohr

POLITICS (Gateway Pundit) – The indictment of US Treasury officials yesterday is more important than first thought. The individuals indicted ...

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Teamsters Scold Pa. Members for Voting Trump

State council warns members not to vote the 'wrong way' in midterms Getty Images BY: Bill McMorris / Washington Free Beacon The Pennsylvania Teamsters scolded ...

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GOP Senate Candidate: Why Won't Congress Release Names of Congressmen Accused of Sexual Harassment

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews Senate Republican candidate for Virginia Corey Stewart (Screenshot) ( - As the Senate is poised to vote on Supreme ...

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Mrs. James /FJM I am the daughter of a former welfare recipient. So when I listen to some people in Washington ...

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State Senator Lisa Boscola's Report

State Funds Find Their Way to the Lehigh Valley for Bethlehem’s Memorial Pool Project State Senator Lisa Boscola announced this ...

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Property Tax/Rent Rebate Applications Available

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Applications Available

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Weekly Roundup Friday, October 19, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Applications Available Applications for ...

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State Representative Ryan Mackenzie's Senior Expo

  Representative Ryan Mackenzie 134th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman 717.772.9840 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 3, 2018   Mackenzie to Host 2018 Senior ...

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Knowles Bill to Punish Intimidating Camera Use in Courtrooms

Representative Jerry Knowles 124th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Ty McCauslin 717.772.9979 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 18, 2018   Knowles Bill to Punish Intimidating Camera Use in ...

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The Kavanaugh Circus is Actually Helping Republicans

                  ~ Conservative Zone The unfounded accusations hurled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh may have seemed like good television to the party of ...

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Kavanaugh Wasn't The Real Target - The Supreme Court Was

The attack on Brett Kavanaugh was not just an assault on a man, but an attack on an institution.  DANIEL GREENFIELD — Why ...

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How Many Illegal Aliens in the US?!


1. The Number of Illegal Aliens in the US

FAIR now estimates the number of illegal aliens in the United States to be 12.5 million! The total excludes an estimated 4.2 million American-born children of illegal aliens. In FAIR’s new report How Many Illegal Aliens Are in the US? we break down the number by state.

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2. The Diversity Lottery: A Stupid Idea That Has Turned Dangerous

Tuesday’s attack in New York City was carried out by a winner of the diversity lottery set up by Senator Chuck Schumer and and the late-Senator Ted Kennedy. FAIR’s Ira Mehlman explains why this program is so dangerous.
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Your support is crucial to our ability to improve border security, stop illegal immigration, and promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest.
3. Aliens at the Polls: Are Lax Rules Threatening the Integrity of Elections?

Recent reports of noncitizens registering to vote and casting ballots in U.S. elections raise concerns about whether adequate safeguards are in place to prevent foreign nationals from voting in our elections. With each new revelation, evidence mounts that local and state agencies are unwilling or unable to secure their voting rolls.
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4. NYC Attacker Entered U.S. Through Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Law enforcement officials confirmed that Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight and injuring 11 in Lower Manhattan on Halloween, entered the United States through the diversity visa lottery program. Saipov, who drove a Home Depot rental truck into a group of pedestrians and cyclists in an ISIS style attack, is an Uzbekistan national who lived in New Jersey and drove for Uber.
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The FAIR Podcast

5. The FAIR PodcastFAIR Examines the Diversity Visa Lottery Program

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