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On Russian Gas and NATO Military Spending, Trump and Ukraine See Eye to Eye

Nolan Peterson / @nolanwpeterson /The Daily Signal President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference on the second day of the NATO ...

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Illinois Steel Town: Trump’s Tariffs Secure 800 New Jobs for Previously Laid-Off American Workers

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson  John Binder/Breitbart News Network American workers in an Illinois steel town are finally seeing relief after years of job-killing ...

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Will Be Deeply Critical of Him and Keep the Contributions’

Andrew Cuomo / Getty Images BY: David Rutz / the Washington Free Beacon New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) said Thursday he would not ...

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Shock: Wages and Jobs Soar at American Businesses ‘Hit’ by Metals Tariffs

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images John Carney/Breitbart News Network When President Trump on the first day of March said that the U.S. would impose ...

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Good idea: Democrat mayor wants BLM protesters controlled with water cannons

  By Kevin Fobbs at Renew America Finally a Democrat public official has come up with an idea to deal with the ...

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Legislation to Combat Soros-Funded Antifa In US At Federal Level

The bill, “Unmasking Antifa,” was introduced after members of the violent organization committed one too many acts of violence against ...

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More Evidence Of Maxine Waters' Influence: NY Man Arrested After Threatening To Murder Trump Supporters & GOP Congressman

Sadly, in today's political climate, too many people are sinking to their base nature and ready to erupt at the ...

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TORI MCNABB /redrightvidieos President Donald Trump and Melania Trump hosted a White House event to honor military mothers and spouses, who ...

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Chief of Staff John Kelly Shows What a Leader Looks Like When He Notices US Flag Tangled in Wind

MADISON DIBBLE | IJR Joe Raedle/Getty Images White House chief of staff John Kelly spent 43 years in the Marines serving the United States ...

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'This has been a longtime problem of mine'    JOE KOVACS/WND   Former President Jimmy Carter (video screenshot from HuffPostLive) Former President Jimmy Carter may ...

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Letter Writer Highlights–Are We Drifting Away?


Dear Editor,

There is no truth to this—so you will say—if in fact you do not believe in God, Jesus Christ and his rule book the Bible.
But and So—with that said —-let me also inject this —-There is no Neutrality in what your basic Presuppositions are and what your Worldview is—-The how you see things and the belief you hold are fixed—-these fixations guiding your worldview—–will be truths you believe to be true.
With that said—-to the point;
Sinful man cannot reason, nor logically unite perception with what is perceived in the reality of what is scriptural truth.  This reasoning with its logic—-is deeply corrupted through Adam’s Sin/fall and is known as the—Noetic Effect of Sin.  (Matthew 13:13  “…because they seeing, see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”  King James Bible
Greg Bahnsen (1948-1995) book Pushing the Antithesis 2007* —-says this:
“Contrary to the grievously impoverished theology in much of modern evangelicalism, the Scriptures teach what is known as the Noetic effect of sin. Noetic is derived from the Greek word Nous, which means mind.  This is one aspect of the doctrine of Total Depravity , which declares that the fall reaches deep down into a man’s very being, even to his mind, his reasoning processes.
He goes on:
“The Noetic effect of sin (the depravity of man’s intellect) does not imply for VanTil,** that the believer cannot have a keen intellect.  He may be very smart indeed, and thus all the more dangerous to himself and others.  Depravity gives a distorted and destructive orientation to the sinner’s mental functions.
**(One of Bahnsen’s professors at Westminster Seminary Philadelphia—VanTil developed the concept of Presupportional Apologetic)
There is a serious need for the church to get back to explaining this thing called Sin, Evil, and Total Depravity.  What this does to man’s Understanding and what it is to understand right and wrong.  There are close to 300 uses of the Greek form of the word Understand in the Bible.  We have slipped so far as to not understand violence, corruption and the liberal, progressive anything goes—-mental attitude—can only—–will only—–lead to this darkness that is just below the surface—-in the mind of man.
The sooner man understands the depth of his problem—-the sooner God and Jesus Christ will have mercy on America— we must pray there is mercy up ahead or I am afraid there will be more Black Sundays—as Texas saw.

Randy Toman, Berks County

* Gary DeMar American Vision Inc Published the book (manuscript) well after Greg Bahnsen’s death.

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