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The Anti-Religious Agenda Behind Gun Control

Leftists continue their hostile denial that Christian morals have anything to do with solving "gun violence." By Jordan Candler · at The ...

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The Real Trigger Behind School Shootings from APN

The Real "Trigger" Behind School Shootings Are stricter gun laws the answer? Response to Florida School Shooting Sam Rohrer & Bob Burgess (pastor, ...

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Reflections, prayers for Catholic military wives

  By Matt C. Abbott at Renew America Below is an excerpt from the newly-released book By Dawn's Early Light: Prayers and ...

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Number of US Hate Groups Rose 4 Percent Last Year, 20 Percent Over Last 3 Years

KELCEY CAULDER | IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images A study from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released Tuesday said that the number of hate groups within ...

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Why Christ followers should spurn 'identity politics'

Alan Keyes exhorts 'people who seek life as citizens in the Kingdom of God' By Alan Keyes at Renew America Though ...

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Congressional Redistricting Update: What a Mess

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Is the new congressional district map even legal? Congressional Redistricting Update: What a Mess The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released its ...

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Senate and House Leaders Challenge PA Supreme Court Redistricting

    Representative Mike Turzai Speaker of the House 28th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact: Neal Lesher 717.260.6495 (office) 717.507.9240 (cell) / / ...

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State Rep Ryan Mackenzie's Press Release

  Representative Ryan Mackenzie 134th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman 717.772.9840 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 22, 2018   March Veterans Assistance Hours to ...

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Thomas Issues His Cultural Ruling

"At some point," says the Supreme Court justice, "we're going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim." By Thomas Gallatin ...

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Second Judge Rules Against Trump on Illegal Immigration

~ Conservative Zone A second federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration, finding that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ...

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Letter Writer Makes Recommendation on Ballot Referendum

My friends,
On November 7th, election day, there will be a referendum to vote on, with this wording:
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Amending the Homestead Property Tax Assessment Exclusion
Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to permit the General Assembly to enact legislation authorizing local taxing authorities to exclude from taxation up to 100 percent of the assessed value of each homestead property within a local taxing jurisdiction, rather than limit the exclusion to one-half of the median assessed value of all homestead property, which is the existing law?[6]


​If that’s the extent of your interest, that’s all you need to know.  If you would like a more detailed explanation, see below.
Ed Bender
1. The Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance, of which I am an officer, has been working diligently for more than two years to achieve the passage of HB/SB 76 in Harrisburg, which would totally eliminate the property tax in PA as a way of funding our public schools. Dozens of other taxpayer organizations have worked with us toward that goal.
2. ​ The special interests–especially the teacher’s unions–have spent a great deal of money to persuade our legislators to vote against SB76.  Our legislators know how popular this legislation is with the voting public, and really don’t want it to come up for a vote.  They have tried every trick in the book to distract the public from SB76.
3.  The HB1285 referendum is, I believe, one more attempt to get you to take your eyes off the real thing.  If we vote “yes” on 1285, it will never result in any significant change.  It’s basically harmless.  But if we vote “no,” the opponents of SB76 will deceive the public by claiming, “See?  We gave them a chance to vote against school property taxes, and they turned it down!”  So I recommend a “yes” vote to stymie their con job on the PA public.
Call me if you wish to discuss this further: 610-929-2933.
Ed Bender

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