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The Big Apple's Communist Past Stirs Nostalgia

By William L. Anderson at Few people outside New York City noticed that Bill de Blasio was sworn in for a ...

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White House Releases 2017 Fake News Awards

Getty Images BY: Conor Beck / The Washington Free Beacon The White House released the 2017 Fake News Awards through the Republican Party's official website Wednesday ...

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One Year After Trump, Midwest Democrats Issue Shock Warning To Party

By Thomas Phippen /The Western Journalism A group of Democratic politicians from Midwestern states is calling on the party to change or face ...

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Leftist toilet mouths condemn Trump as they corrupt nation

  By Selwyn Duke at Renew America President Trump denies having used a vulgar term last Thursday to describe dysfunctional Third ...

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Killing Trump is Deep State's 'Plan C,' warns advisor Roger Stone

By Selwyn Duke at Renew America It's a shocking claim made by a political insider: The Deep State is so ...

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Illinois, New Jersey, and New York Are Top States For Outbound Moves in 2017

Tax Foundation says taxes can influence decision to move Getty Images BY: Ali Meyer/ the Washington Free Beacon   Illinois, New Jersey, and New York were ...

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It’s Happening: Multiple Counties “Secede,” Declare “New California” as Ind. State

BY CHRIS GOLDEN /Conservative Tribune California secession movements are right up there with new Jimmy Hoffa burial place claims: That’s great, but I’ve ...

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Obama mega-donor tries to manipulate Trump using solar trade case

  By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government Trying to untangle the web of financial interests behind the ...

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The Real Relationship Between Capitalism and the Environment

By Daniel Fernández Méndez at "Capitalism is incompatible with the conservation of nature. Only the places with a strong state and ...

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A quick Uranium One indictment raises more questions

By Printus LeBlanc at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government Uranium One is back in the headlines, and it is ...

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The Federalist Papers 230 years Later


The utility of what Jefferson called “the best commentary on the principles of government … ever written.”

By Todd Johnson · at The Patriot Post/

This week marks the 230th anniversary of the first essay in what would later be known as The Federalist Papers. Federalist No. 1, penned under the pseudonym “Publius” (later identified as Alexander Hamilton), was the first salvo launched by Hamilton and his two compatriots, John Jay and James Madison, to convince the New York delegation to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

Considered by many legal scholars and historians to be the premier documents for understanding the original intent of the Constitution, The Federalist Papers are truly cornerstones of the republic. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, said the documents were “the best commentary on the principles of government … ever written,” and yet many Americans are unfamiliar with their contents or their importance to the foundation of the United States.

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