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Bernstine Invites Veterans to Register for His Nov. 9 Veterans Breakfast

Representative Aaron Bernstine 10th Legislative District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Abbey Haslam 717.260.6222 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2018   Bernstine Invites Veterans to Register for ...

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APN President Shares Prayer on Breitbart + SIGTV Now Airing on Upliftv!

American Pastors Network Debuts New ‘Stand in the Gap’ Television Program on Upliftv   APN Program Brings Clarity to Cultural Confusion and Presents Biblical ...

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Russia Urged to Witness NATO's Strength in Huge Military Exercise

A U.S. Marine with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit holds security with Portuguese Marines at Praia Da Raposa beach in ...

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Jobs miracle continues as almost 3.9 million new jobs created since President Trump took office

Jobs miracle continues as almost 3.9 million new jobs created since President Trump took office

By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch A whopping 420,000 Americans found jobs in September according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, nearly ...

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Why IS Trump's Approval Up?

The president is fostering economic success while also exposing Democrat extremism. By Thomas Gallatin · at the Patriot Post/ Was it the ...

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The drooling tantrums of the Senate Democrats will never end, but soon no one will be listening

By Laurie Roth at Renew America The Democrats in the Senate have shown themselves through this Kavanaugh witch hunt to care ...

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Illinois Democrat Candidate for Congress Under Fire for Freeing Child Sex Abuser as State’s Attorney

 Warren Todd Huston/Breitbart News Network Democrat Brendan Kelly is running for Congress in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, but now, only weeks ...

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Limbaugh: Hillary Just Admitted Everything I've Been Saying About The Left

Photo by Brooks Kraft/ Getty Images By JAMES BARRETT/The Daily Wire There's nothing Rush Limbaugh enjoys more than a Democrat publicly proving him ...

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Kamala, Feinstein OUTRAGED by Trump’s 9th Circuit Nominations

‘The White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the president’s agenda…’ Kamala ...

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List: The Top 20 Inaccuracies And Flaws In Christine Ford’s Letter To Senator Feinstein

POLITICS/teaparty (Gateway Pundit) – A reminder that the letter to Senator Feinstein from Dr. Ford who accused Judge Kavanaugh of ...

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Alive or Dead? What the Heck Happened To This Botched Abortion Victim?



By Cheryl Sullenger

Hartford, CT – Disturbing photos have surfaced that show a woman bound at the neck to a gurney during a medical emergency at Hartford GYN Center on October 21, 2017.

The photos, which were taken by a pro-life activist who was on the scene when the emergency occurred, depicted a woman covered completely in white sheets with a restraint strap buckled under her chin and across her neck. A sheet that covered her head appeared to be cinched at the neck.

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