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Nearly 50 Percent of Illegal Aliens in State Prison Are Sex Offenders

BY GABRIELLE CINTORINO /Conservative Tribune One in fifteen prisoners incarcerated in Oregon are illegal aliens, and a whopping 50 percent are in jail ...

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Al Gore Blames the ‘Climate Crisis’ for Cold Weather. But Actually, It’s Just January.

Ed Feulner / @EdFeulner /The Daily Signal                    Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 9, ...

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Global Warming Dealt Death Blow as Sahara Desert Gets 16 Inches of Snow

 BY BEN MARQUIS /Conservative Tribune  Global warming fear-mongers made dire predictions just a few short years ago that mankind had witnessed the “end ...

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Obama Library Will Not Include a Copy of His Birth Certificate

 Western Journalism Obama Library Will Not Include A Copy Of His Birth Certificate… Or Any Other Paper Docs The Obama Presidential Center ...

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Arpaio Doubles Down In Senate Race: Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Phony Document

 MAC SLAVO —freedomoutpost Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has said he’s had evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a phony document for ...

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Abortion is Not a Fundamental Right Rules Federal Appeals Court

Danika Delello | Contributor to | ABORTION IS NOT A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT RULES FEDERAL APPEALS COURT A pro-life victory was won on Tuesday, when ...

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Tonight's CEPTA meeting is cancelled

NOTICE:  Tonight's CEPTA meeting has been cancelled due to the weather.

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Trump and MSM Derangement

The Leftmedia presses the narrative that Trump is not mentally fit for office. He pushes back bigly. By Thomas Gallatin · ...

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Auto Giant Has GOOD NEWS For American Workers

Source: AAN  by: Remington Strelivo   By Jeangagnon (Own work)   The Republican-backed tax reform bill is the gift that keeps on giving. Chrysler, one of ...

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US Economy Under Trump Sets Record in New US Voter Poll

By Jason Hopkins /The Western Journalism According to a newly released poll, voters’ perception of the U.S. economy has reached a record high. A Quinnipiac ...

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Businesses Anger the Left By Giving Employees Year-End Bonuses


Democrats and their liberal cohorts in the media are putting on their best Grinch impersonations after learning that many of America’s biggest corporations are passing their tax bill savings on to the thousands of workers who make their companies tick.

Putting an immediate lie to the left-wing myth that this tax bill will only help the very wealthiest Americans, companies like AT&T, Sinclair, Comcast, Wells Fargo, and Fifth Third Bank are giving out bonuses and wage hikes that will have an immediate impact on the middle class.

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