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Five Reasons I Think “Roe v. Wade” Should Be Overturned

 By Dr. Jerry Newcombe  /Constitution Soon we can expect another contentious battle in the Senate over a Supreme Court nominee. For the last ...

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Some Democrats might bail on Schumer’s fight to stop Kavanaugh confirmation: ‘Kiss my you-know-what’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) speaks about healthcare during a news conference on Capitol Hill, on July 11, 2018 ...

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Flashback: This Interview With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Demonstrates Why She Is A Traitor Within

Ginsberg ironically says she’s “operating under a very old Constitution,” yet she’s making decisions about laws and rules as an ...

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How Trump Brilliantly Screwed Over Red State Dem Senators with Kavanaugh Nomination

BY LIZ ANGAROLA /WJ On Monday night, President Donald Trump announced Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the next Supreme ...

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It matters how you stand

By Tom DeWeese at Renew America Justice has finally been achieved as the federal government's war against western ranchers and property ...

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White House Press Release--Full Pardons for the Hammonds

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 10, 2018   Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Clemency ...

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President Trump’s Clemency for Dwight and Steven Hammond

By 1600 Staff President Trump showed mercy by granting clemency to two Oregon ranchers who started fires on federal land. According to Fox ...

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Conservative campaign committee launches operation Montana

By Lloyd Marcus at Renew America If I sound a bit punchy, it is because my wife Mary and I got ...

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Little House on the Prairie now declared racist/homophobic!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America Here is another classic series of books, made into a film series, that now ...

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The Revolution of 1935

By Gregory Bresiger at This article is excerpted from Gregory Bresiger’s large monograph, The Revolution of 1935: The Secret History of ...

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Supreme Court Backs Trump in New Ruling, Delivers Blow to Obama-Era Initiative


A Supreme Court ruling late Friday temporarily allows President Donald Trump to conceal records related to the cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

DACA is an immigration policy that extends temporary legal status to anyone who entered the country legally as a minor. The program currently protects over 800,000 undocumented immigrant children.

The court was divided 5-4 over the Obama-era amnesty initiative, The Daily Caller reported.

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