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WH Insiders: ‚ÄėFire and Fury‚Äô Book Claims are Absurd

                ~ Liberty Planet On January 6th, publisher Henry Holt and Company released the much-anticipated book ‚ÄúFire and Fury: Inside the Trump ...

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Senate Republicans: Defund Left-Wing Groups

By Richard McCarty at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government In 1978, the US Labor Department created an occupational safety ...

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The Hollywood Hypocrisy Awards Show

Cowardly silence followed by moralizing lectures, all while continuing to churn out immoral filth. By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot ...

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FLASHBACK: That Time Obama Called Libya A ‚ÄėS**t Show‚Äô

BENNY JOHNSON Reporter At Large/dailycaller Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of ...

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TRUMP: I Didnt Say 'S***hole Nations'; 'Made Up' By Democrats

ByJOSEPH CURL @josephcurl/DailyWire President Trump on Friday denied that he said what every single news organization in the world says he said. The ...

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Time‚Äôs Up for ‚ÄėTemporary‚Äô Alien Protection

by: Michelle Malkin/TheConservativeInsider Se acabo el tiempo. Seventeen years after granting ‚Äútemporary protected status‚ÄĚ to nearly 200,000 Salvadoran citizens who had fled ...

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Exclusive - Rep. Lou Barletta: ‚ÄėWe Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration‚Äô

Exclusive‚ÄĒRep. Lou Barletta: ‚ÄėWe Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration‚Äô by¬†SEAN MORAN10 Jan 2018265 Rep. Lou Barletta ...

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Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study

Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study ¬†   ¬† WASHINGTON ‚ÄstYesterday, the National Institute of Building Sciences released findings from ...

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‚ÄúObama Gas Station‚ÄĚ Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

BY STEVEN BEYER /Conservative Tribune When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over ...

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VA Governor: You’d Have To Pick Trump Up Off The Floor If He Got In My Space

¬†TIM BROWN¬†‚ÄĒ¬†¬†Freedom Outpost Honestly, some of the rhetoric we continue to hear coming out of some people's mouths when it comes ...

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Tired of the Status Quo? ūüė†


Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

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Tired of the Status Quo?

The people of Pennsylvania are tired of the status quo.

What some might have seen as an anomaly in President Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania last year, we at CAP saw as validation of what we experience while talking to citizens each day.

Time and again we meet people, hear their stories, and learn the issues they care about. Across the board they simply want government to get out of the way, and let citizens be the masters of their own destiny.

Unfortunately, lawmakers have a different plan in mind. Examples include weak-kneed Republicans selling out on campaign promises, and Democrats turning a blind eye to voter fraud, just to name a few.

That is why our work at CAP is so important; we work each day to give the people of Pennsylvania real, tangible ways they can make their voices heard. The good news is, when given opportunities to engage, citizens are doing so in record numbers.

Our work in 2018 will center on getting even more of our friends and neighbors from across the state informed and engaged in this fight.

To do so we need your support. Will you invest in CAP’s efforts to help citizens buck the status quo?

I hope I can count on you to join us in this effort.


Leo Knepper
CEO, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

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