It’s elementary. Education control freaks will use any excuse to crack down on competition. With 2 million K-12 students now educated at home (including our 9th-grade son), the temptation to exploit the most marginal cases of alleged child abuse by homeschoolers has proven irresistible to statist politicians and government apologists.

Take the case of David and Louise Turpin’s 13 starving children, reportedly found tethered to their beds after one of the siblings escaped and contacted police. The Turpins’ “house of horrors” in Riverside County, California, grabbed international headlines last week—and lured a parade of publicity hounds. Former neighbors in Texas claimed they suspected physical abuse by the parents but did nothing at the time. These thirsty fame-seekers will, however, be appearing on “Dr. Phil” later this week to slurp up their 15 minutes of leechdom.

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