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WH Insiders: ‘Fire and Fury’ Book Claims are Absurd

                ~ Liberty Planet On January 6th, publisher Henry Holt and Company released the much-anticipated book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump ...

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Senate Republicans: Defund Left-Wing Groups

By Richard McCarty at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government In 1978, the US Labor Department created an occupational safety ...

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The Hollywood Hypocrisy Awards Show

Cowardly silence followed by moralizing lectures, all while continuing to churn out immoral filth. By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot ...

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FLASHBACK: That Time Obama Called Libya A ‘S**t Show’

BENNY JOHNSON Reporter At Large/dailycaller Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of ...

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TRUMP: I Didnt Say 'S***hole Nations'; 'Made Up' By Democrats

ByJOSEPH CURL @josephcurl/DailyWire President Trump on Friday denied that he said what every single news organization in the world says he said. The ...

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Time’s Up for ‘Temporary’ Alien Protection

by: Michelle Malkin/TheConservativeInsider Se acabo el tiempo. Seventeen years after granting “temporary protected status” to nearly 200,000 Salvadoran citizens who had fled ...

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Exclusive - Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’

Exclusive—Rep. Lou Barletta: ‘We Finally Have an Opportunity to End the Problem of Illegal Immigration’ by SEAN MORAN10 Jan 2018265 Rep. Lou Barletta ...

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Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study

Major Savings from Barletta Disaster Bill Backed By Recent Study       WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the National Institute of Building Sciences released findings from ...

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“Obama Gas Station” Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

BY STEVEN BEYER /Conservative Tribune When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over ...

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VA Governor: You’d Have To Pick Trump Up Off The Floor If He Got In My Space

 TIM BROWN —  Freedom Outpost Honestly, some of the rhetoric we continue to hear coming out of some people's mouths when it comes ...

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The Monthly Report – January 2018


Senator Pat Browne

Senate Appropriations Committee Report
January 2018

Committee Website

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(all tables and graphics can be viewed online)

Wolf Administration Releases 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Update

Budget Secretary Randy Albright presented the 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Update on December 14, 2017.  The briefing contained no big developments or surprises, and the overall financial picture presented was essentially the same as what came out of the budget process during late October.  Secretary Albright went so far as to say that the Administration does not foresee any need for net supplemental appropriations for the remainder of FY 2017-18.

Secretary Albright struck a positive tone as the Administration believes the Commonwealth is in the best financial shape since the Great Recession, but there is additional work to be done to improve its overall fiscal health.  With continued

constraint of spending increases, the Administration does not expect to need any new revenues to close next year’s budget, with one notable exception that it will push for – a severance tax.  The Administration is considering repeating several of its initiatives that did not make it into this year’s budget, such as the early retirement incentive program.

Secretary Albright was adamant that the statutorily mandated transfer to the Rainy Day Fund be completed this year.  The potential amount is in the $10 million range based on current estimates, but where year-end revenues ultimately land depends largely on what happens with the proposed $200 million transfer of funds from the Pennsylvania Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association (JUA).

Ideally, the Senate Appropriations Committee believes that Pennsylvania should begin to transfer money to the Rainy Day Fund as it is one of the least prepared states to handle the next recession.  Currently, the balance of the Rainy Day Fund is only $475,000.  The range of reserves that ratings agencies recommend is 5% to 15% of spending – which would be $1.6 Billion to $4.8 Billion for Pennsylvania.  If Pennsylvania were at the median percentage reserve levels of all states, the Commonwealth would have about $2 Billion in its Rainy Day Fund.

The 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Briefing is available here.

Revenue Collections on Target through First Half of Fiscal Year


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