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Lawyer Care

By Arthur Herring III


Shakespeare said, in Henry VI, the first thing we do is kill all the lawyers. A man ahead of his time? Is there any business that is more unregulated and more of a scam on the public than the lawyer business? No. Is there any business more hated than the lawyer business? No. Lawyers call it the “legal system”. Ha! A “system” has intelligence and logic. The lawyers say “The system is not perfect, but it is the best in the world”. They really mean it is the best for THEM! The lawyer business is really just a scam when examined and reviewed in detail. The only one who ever benefits are the vampires, I mean lawyers. Did you know Count Dracula was a lawyer? Anyone that has been a victim of their blood sucking ways, they know what I am talking about. That applies to both plaintiffs and defendants. The law business today is of the lawyer, by the lawyer and for the lawyer. Justice for the client does not matter.

In Pennsylvania, in small claims(district) court, the procedure is fairly simple. Their forms are easy, short and basically written in plain English. You can to sue up to $12,000. The amount limit should be far higher, maybe $50,000, so expensive lawyer fees would be eliminated because most civil cases are very basic. A short booklet should be created and given out at district court or online. It would explain the basics of how to present a case, including evidence, witnesses, etc. The employees at the district court are not allowed to give any information, even when it comes to questions about the forms they give out. With a much higher dollar amount at district court, the real complicated cases can be heard faster at the higher courts. After district court, if a appeal is wanted, that party should know about arbitration.  Lawyers are allowed to be there for the client or defendant, but they should not be. Instead of it being a informal meeting to try to settle a dispute and keeping it simple and cheap, the panel that decides the case is made up of lawyers who run it like a court room, with the same rules. The plaintiff or defendant representing themselves could easily be overwhelmed with all of the complicated legalese back and forth, so a person is forced to hire a lawyer and lose more money on lawyer fees that he cannot get back. Both parties can appeal to the Court of Common Pleas if they are not pleased with a arbitration decision. If the plaintiff wins and he and the defendant decide not to appeal to the Court of Common Pleas, he needs to collect the judgement. Good luck with that. See my comments in “Collection”. In Pennsylvania, the arbitration panel is supposed to be unbiased, informal and a friendly meeting to settle a case. There is a huge backlog of cases in the higher courts, mainly because of the unneeded paperwork and forms the lawyers have available to them which only makes themselves more money from their “billing hours”. Billing hours are those items that lawyers can never prove they worked and their poor saps, I mean clients, can never prove those hours were ever used. There is a old joke that says if a lawyer is sitting on a toilet and thinks about your case, he calls it a billing hour. I have heard about cases where a lawyer has sex with a client, especially in divorce cases and then bills her as a billing hour. “Travel time” to and from the court to file papers and to have a meeting in front of the judge for whatever reason also adds more unneeded and expensive billing hours to the client. Why can’t forms be emailed? No need for travel time so less billing hours and cheaper for the client. Instead of face to face meetings with the judge, have any of those Harvard or Princeton grads ever heard of Skype? Again, modern technology that benefits the client.

Serving the defendant the lawsuit is a major problem. A sheriff can serve the defendant for about $100 and he only tries three times.  Avoiding being served is very easy for the defendant. A certified letter can also be sent, but it has the court’s name and address on the envelope. How stupid! If anyone sees the court name on the envelope, they will not sign for it. Why not allow other ways, such as a private investigator who will be dedicated to finding and serving the Complaint to the defendant. The Complaint could be put in a Federal Express envelope that the defendant has to sign for as proof of service. Why can’t the court send it email to the defendant or to the person’s phone.

Almost none of the so-called “judges” in district courts in Pennsylvania are lawyers. Those “judges” only have to take a four week course, hardly enough training to understand how to deal with civil cases and evidence. I had a criminal charge of harassment filed against me about 6 years ago by a Lehigh University professor. He had scammed me out of $60,000 pertaining to software fraud. I was handing out flyers on a public sidewalk near the college exposing his scam. He used some of his connections to have me charged with harassment. In district court, I stated the flyers were freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the constitution. The Hispanic judge said “I don’t know anything about constitutional law and I find you guilty”. What??? What does she think the laws of this country are based on? She fined me $300. I appealed to the Court of Common Pleas. It seems the Court of Common Pleas judge and the district attorney had connections to the Lehigh University professor who scammed me. They allowed the charge to be prosecuted again. They also did not seem to know about the Constitution and freedom of speech and expression. I was found guilty again, with the original fine applied.

Vampires, I mean lawyers, always want the trial in the county where they practice. Why? They call it “home cooking”. It refers to the fact the lawyers know the judges in their county better and they give them money for re-election or give money to the judge’s charities. In return, the judges give them better settlements in the plaintiff’s favor or in the defendants favor if the defendant has a lawyer that is friends with the judge. Of course, both judges and lawyers always deny it takes place.

Usually, cases are done by the billing hours. Of course, lawyers always demand their money up front, so no matter how little they actually do, how lousy of a job they do and of course whether they win or lose, they always get their money. Don’t they trust their client’s to pay AFTER the case is over? Start laughing now. At the first meeting, the lawyers always give the pigeon, I mean client, a big pep talk about how they will kick the other guys butt and that the other lawyer is stupid, thus giving the pigeon the feeling his $250 or more an hour will be put to good use. But, the lawyers always manage to insert a few  “Well, I can’t guarantee you a win, but, bla bla bla, something something, I expect to win”.  You get the picture, they lie and also cover their butt. The Supreme Court, a few years ago I think, ruled even if a lawyer is asleep during a trial when defending a person for murder, if the defendant loses, he still got legal representation under the law. What??? A lawyer sleeping is considered legal representation by the Supreme Court? Laughing is allowed.

Lawyer fees are much, much too high. Today, none of them charge less than $250 per hour. The more specific ones in a specialty field charge up to $500 or more per hour. Minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 an hour. Do those vampires EVER think how long it takes the average person to SAVE just one billing hour? Keep in mind the lawyers can NEVER prove they worked those billing hours. A known lawyer scam is charging so many billing hours to various clients that all of those hours in just one day would add up to more hours than in a week. Auto mechanics charge about $85 an hour. They work hard and can prove they did the job. Auto mechanics  have had a book for many decades called the Chilton Manual. The book lists all the cars and trucks and every possible repair for them, including how many labor hours it takes to do the job. The price of parts can be easily checked by calling any dealer. If their work is not done correctly, they fix it at no extra cost. Also, they give a money back guarantee. Never ask a lawyer for a money back guarantee, he might just have a heart attack laughing too hard. Prices for various lawyer paperwork and forms can be easily set up for the client to see. Lawyers do not deserve more than $25 an hour. They basically sit in a chair all day and either read a legal book or look something up on their computer. They learn in law school how to write briefs, how to fill out the many forms and how to write and understand their special language they invented called “legalese”. Plain English is not used because it would not add billing hours for the lawyer. If plain English was used in law books and forms, people might do the case themselves and not hire a lawyer. The lawyers can’t let that happen. It seems the lawyers hardest job is to learn all of their weird words they invented of “legalese”. All lawyers have law books in their office so they can look up anything. The problem is the general public does not understand their made up language so they have to hire a lawyer. Clearly, the lawyer business is a very protected monopoly only for them. Just like the mafia, but without the efficiency. There are too many legal forms to fill out that are not needed. Why hasn’t any lawyer written in plain English how to file a lawsuit, have easy to understand forms and keep it simple? For most civil cases, the most that is needed is getting information, evidence from the other side and subpoenaing witnesses. Today, if any documents are challenged by the other lawyer, then a meeting must be set up with a judge and the two lawyers. More costly billing hours to the fool(client) and more delay of case. Remember, travel time to and from the courthouse are “billing hours” for the lawyers that are charged to the client. The solution is to write ALL forms and procedures in PLAIN English at the level of 12th grade. The law is for the people, NOT just the lawyers. Do you see ANY other business that makes their business extremely complicated and expensive. Should you need to wait months and fill out many forms for a bottle of aspirin? Should the same wasted time and forms be needed to get a dentist appointment? Those businesses and all of the others try to give their customers the fastest and best customer service.  No scamming the client!  In this country, there are about 1.3 MILLION lawyers and about 30,000 new ones coming into practice every year. Thanks a lot Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.  All you geniuses from those law schools and other law schools, do you really think YOUR way is the best a lawyer business can be?

Most cases are done by the billing hour. More complicated cases, like injury, death, certain civil, medical malpractice, etc, lawyers take a percentage of the plaintiff’s settlement, usually about 40%. Are you kidding? The victim goes through hell and lawyers (male and female) have the nerve to take 40%? What??? The lawyers try to say they are taking risks by taking a case on a percentage. That is a lie. They know what the odds are to win and they are ONLY looking for the best payday for themselves. Many times settlements are made so the lawyers never even go to trial so the lawyers get their 40% for doing almost nothing. They even take out other costs from the settlement check BEFORE they take their 40%. There is no law that says lawyers must become rich in their business. Another part of the lawyer scam is when the lawyers get a settlement check, they hold onto it for as long as possible in their bank account to get some extra interest money on the check. You can imagine that extra money really adds up on a large settlement. The client is given different excuses why they have not received their check. For percentage type cases, lawyers should not get any more than 15%. As I had said, their hourly fee should never be more than $25. Walmart workers do much more at $9 an hour.

Another well known trick by lawyers is to have their para-legal do most of the work. The paralegal only gets about $20 or so an hour. The lawyer then bills the client the much, much higher lawyer rate.

Let’s pretend you win your case. Now, try to collect. Good luck, you will need it! Usually, you cannot collect lawyer fees in Pennsylvania if you win, whether you are plaintiff or defendant. So, all that money that you paid your lawyer is lost forever. Just like with my case where I sued the Lehigh University professor who scammed me for a worthless software program that he admitted was worthless in his emails, the $36,000 I paid my vampires, was wasted because my lawyers totally fouled up my case and I lost. They got all of the money they billed me, but I got nothing. What??? Even if I had won, I was only suing for $35,000. Remember, in Pennsylvania a person almost never can collect the lawyer fees the client paid the lawyer. So, how I was any better off by hiring a lawyer than doing the case myself? Lawyers say the purpose of a lawsuit is to make the person “whole”. Don’t the lawyers really mean the purpose of a lawsuit is to make the client a “axx-whole”? The fact is, the victim(client) almost never gets satisfaction from the damage that the other side caused him. If the client wins the case, he should also get his lawyer fees back, at the rate I suggested, about $25 an hour. If the client loses, he should not have to pay any more than minimum wage, $7.25 an hour for billing hours. Why do lawyers think they deserve any more than that if they lose a case is beyond any logic. When the defendant finds out he is being sued, he will hide his assets from the plaintiff or “give” away his assets to a friend until a better time so nothing can be taken away from him if he loses the case.  In Pennsylvania, you cannot collect basically anything of value if the defendant is married. What??? You also cannot from his salary, no matter how much he makes. What??? If the defendant declares bankruptcy, the case is dismissed and you get nothing. What??? So, basically, your lawyer always gets the gold mine (he gets paid) and you get the shaft (you get nothing). Court cases can be dragged on for many years, no matter how simple the case is.  The plaintiff or defendant can die and the case is over. The defendant can move away and again, the plaintiff gets the shaft. Again, Count Dracula always gets his blood(money).

Another knife in the back for the plaintiff (or defendant in a criminal case) is the “jury”. A jury is actually 12 ignorant, untrained and stupid people. They know nothing about the law or investigations. They will decide your fate in a civil or criminal trial. You could lose a multi million dollar case or be sentenced to death by them. Every lawyer tries to stack the deck by hiring people who know which people to allow in a jury to win the case for the client. Isn’t that jury tampering and illegal? Not in the lawyer world. If a non-lawyer paid a juror to vote for him, he would go to jail. Would lawyers want untrained people doing a brake job on their car or drill their tooth at the dentist or give them a prostate exam? In Pennsylvania, a juror only gets about $12 a day. What??? Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. For a 8 hour day, they should be getting paid $58. What??? If the juror works and has to take the day off for jury duty, their boss does not pay them for the lost wages. How pathetic and greedy are these lawyers? They are getting their $2,000 per day($250 hour plus travel time to and from court) and a juror only gets $12 per day. What??? Solution: Have “professional jurors” who must have completed a 160 or more hour training course in law and investigations. The best solution is lawyers are the jurors and only pay them $12 per day. It is THEIR business after all. Remember, the jurors that show up are the stupidest ones who could not think of a excuse to get OUT of jury duty. Do you REALLY want THEM for your jury and who will determine your case or fate?

A major problem in criminal cases is the crime lab. Lawyers refer to it as the “CSI Effect”. It means  police shows today always have their crime lab come up with a tiny hair or techno babble that proves a person commited the crime. To the viewers, every type of TV crime is solved in a hour, including real life crimes. The fact is, crime lab results are rarely used in a trial. When jurors are questioned later, they almost always say they were waiting for the prosecution to bring that magical crime lab proof into the trial. There are many, many articles describing the corrupt and incompetent state of the crime labs in the U.S., including the FBI’s own crime lab. Nobody really knows, at any time, how accurate or reliable, the crime lab workers are, who write the reports of their “findings” that are used in court as evidence against the defendant. But, those reports carry a lot of weight against the defendant. There have been many so-called types of crime lab “evidence” that were used for many years that now have been proven to be useless and unreliable. They include computer finger print matches, bite marks, hypnosis, hand writing analysis, etc.  Everyone, including lawyers, police and judges, agree the worst type of evidence in court is the so-called “eye witness”. But, those people are always allowed into court as evidence. People’s recollections are never as accurate or reliable as they think. The proof is the child’s game called “Whisper Down the Lane”. That is when one person tells the next person a short story and the next person tells the next and on and on. After about 10, people the story has completely changed.

Another way people get screwed by the lawyer business is, according to the law, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Really?? If that is true, in a criminal trial, why do most people sit in jail until their trial? That could mean months or years. The prosecutor does not care how long it takes. The law says a person is entitled to a speedy trial. BUT, no time amount is given in that definition. Again, the poor sap gets the knife in his back. In a criminal trial, there is bail. But most people do not have the money to post bail. If they are in jail until trial, they are in the same jail as the CONVICTED criminals, get the same food and the same limited things the convicted get. If the person is found innocent of his crime, he gets NONE of his lawyer fees back and NO compensation for his time in jail. He did not get any money from his job, if he had one. If he gets raped, beaten up or stabbed in jail, too bad for him. Obviously, lawyers have never cared about those problems.

If you get ripped off by a lawyer, there is always the lawyer dispute board, right? The people who decide are lawyers. Hardly fair. The board always asks you why you are making a complaint. If you say anything about that you paid the lawyer money and he did not handle your case correctly, the board will say it is a fee dispute and they do not deal with that. If you get past this pitfall, you can fill out a form. On that form, you are told you cannot tell anyone that you have filed a complaint against that lawyer. Of course, we must protect the lawyer and his “reputation”. You can start laughing now. Almost always, the complaint is dismissed because the lawyer says he did not do anything wrong. If you want some money back, you are supposed to take the lawyer to court. Who decides in court? A district court “judge” who always kisses the butt of lawyers or a judge who is a lawyer himself. What a scam. Every state has a lawyer Bar Association. Never expect any justice, logic or intelligence from them. After all, their purpose is to protect the lawyer, not the victim. The Pennsylvania Bar Association, buried deep within its website, list the lawyers who were disbarred. The lawyer business needs to do a much needed housecleaning of their people.

The term “mistrial” is used when a jury cannot agree to a verdict. The problem is there usually is another trial. The defendant must pay for his lawyer fees AGAIN for a second trial. In a criminal trial, he might have to go back to jail, in most cases, until the next trial. That could be many more months in jail.  In a criminal trial, if the defendant wins he goes home, but does not get his lawyer fees back from the state or federal government. Even though he is now declared “innocent”, he still had to pay a penalty, that being lawyer fees and probably jail time of months. What?? If he is innocent, then the state was wrong to prosecute him. But, the state pays NO penalty at all for being wrong. But, the defendant DOES pay penalties. What??? In a mistrial, he does not get any of his legal fees back or compensation for being in jail, either. What?? In a criminal trial, if he wins, he is ruled “innocent”, in other words, he did not do the crime, but he was still penalized with jail and lawyer fees that he does not get back. What?? With such an abusive, unregulated, incompetent and corrupt business, I am sure most people ( of course not lawyers) would say it is not the Taliban or Isis that are the terrorists, it is the lawyers, all 1.2 million of them in the U.S.

There is another problem of the lawyer business that I have been trying to change for 35 years.  Almost no court in the country allows lie detection results in the trial as evidence. If it is allowed, it is only if the lawyers for both sides agree to allow the results in. What??? If the results say the defendant is lying, then the defense lawyer will object to allowing the results in. If the lie detection results say the person is innocent, then the prosecutor will not allow the test results in. Law enforcement, private sector, probation and parole and government departments use them and rely on them worldwide. The lawyers claim the results are not accurate. First, if the lawyers look at their business, they would clearly realize the word “accurate” certainly does not apply or even come close to their so-called business. As I explained, the lawyer business has many, many potholes. Actually, they are more like crators. Lie detection is probably the most reliable part of the court business. The fact is, the court is a lie detector. The purpose of court is to decide who is telling the truth and who is lying. Lie detector examiners do it far faster, cheaper and far more accurately. Most people do not know that there are two lie detection systems. The polygraph uses attached wires to record the information that will indicate truth or deception. The polygraph came out in about 1920. It is now a computerized system that is used by various law enforcement and government departments. Although it is very accurate when used by highly skilled examiners, the results can be altered by drugs, alcohol and other counter-measures. The other lie detection system is called PSE®. It uses a totally different system for lie detection called Voice Stress Analysis®. Only Dektor invented the PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis® in 1969. There are many fake “voice lie detectors” sold today, mainly to law enforcement who did not check out the gadgets before they wasted taxpayer’s money on them and used them in criminal cases. There are many fake “voice lie detectors” used in Pennsylvania and nationwide by law enforcement and district attorney offices that use them in their investigations. The PSE system was invented by two former U.S. Army Colonels of Counter-Intelligence. The PSE system records the person’s vocal answers to test questions. Those vocal answers are transformed into patterns that a trained PSE examiner evaluates for truth or deception. For the past 10 years, the PSE technology has been a software program that can be used in any Windows PC, Android or Apple IOS system. I did the PSE testing for 20 years and have owned Dektor for 15, a total of 35 years with PSE. The PSE does not have any of the problems of the polygraph and in 1972 the U.S. government stated the PSE was completely valid. For more information about the PSE, our website is So, why isn’t lie detection allowed into court as evidence? The lawyer business, that includes the judge, would have to accept that juries (those 12 ignorant and untrained people of law and investigation) are worthless as deciders of fact. Keep in mind the lawyer business is a extremely powerful and wealthy “mafia”, for lack of a better word. Their way makes them rich and powerful. Just like robots replacing workers in factories, lie detection tests, if allowed in court as evidence, would put most lawyers in the poor house by reducing their billing hour rates to the level of someone who says: “Do you want fries with that?” At this time, there are an endless number of women (and a few men) who claim they were sexually harassed or raped by various actors, politicians, news people, etc. Not one, not one, has ever taken a lie detector test to prove they were telling the truth to either confirm the accusation or deny the charge. Not one, not one politician or news media has said in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But, the employer of the accused and complete strangers have demanded those accused be fired. I find it laughable that women, who always say they are equal to men, expect people to believe women just because they a make a claim without ANY proof. In what Twilight Zone have women not heard that women lie and lie in EVERY type of situation? How come NONE of those women so far have said when they were being sexually harassed they slapped the man or if they were being raped, how come none of the women said they kicked the man in his bxxxx or scratched his face? Plus, they waited many years, even decades before they told their story? Some even got paid huge settlements, even millions of dollars, just based on a accusation that they did not prove. A lie detector test is fast, accurate and gets the truth. If the accused took a lie detector test and passed, their reputation, job, marriage, etc, could be saved if they took the test which would prove they were telling the truth.

Prosecutors play a very pathetic game to get their gold stars, also known as convictions. They want to look real tough on crime so they will be re-elected or when they seek a higher office. The “game” is called “over charging”. That refers to charging a accused person with as many crimes, serious or less serious, as possible. The accused lawyer will give his client a very sad story of how the prosecutor will be charging the person with many different crimes which means a really high amount of jail time. But, the defense lawyer says the prosecutor will agree to one or two crimes and with a lot less jail time if the accused pleads guilty to those fewer crimes. In other words, the accused lawyer tells his client the prosecutor is giving the defendant a really great “deal”. The poor sap, I mean the accused, does not realize the prosecutor knows he has a weak case and because the prosecutor’s office is so overloaded with cases, the prosecutor does not have the manpower and time to try every pending case. The accused also does not know that his own lawyer knows about this game and it goes on all the time with every defendant. This scare tactic usually works every time.

Do you really think the lawyer business will change for the better? Never! Why would lawyers want to change a perfect business for themselves that makes them rich and powerful? They never will. Do you think your state representatives or state senators will change it? Never! About 50% of the politicians, local, state and federal, besides being corrupt and incompetent, are lawyers themselves.

So, drop your pants and bend over. Their fist, not just their finger, will find you someday in your life. Mr. Shakesphere, you will never know how smart you really were.


Arthur Herring III,  President

Dektor Corporation, PA


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