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FBI Employee to FBI Attorney for Russia Investigation: ‘YOU PROMISED’ Trump Would Never Get Elected

By Terence P. Jeffrey | cnsnews (Screen Capture) ( - The day after Donald Trump was elected president, an FBI employee engaged in an ...

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BOMBSHELL: DOJ Report On Clinton Emails Reveals Comey Did Worse Than Clear Hillary, He Committed The Same CRIMES!

by Doyle Alexander/en-volve The much-anticipated report from the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary ...

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IG Report on Clinton Investigation Leaves Gowdy ‘Alarmed, Angry, and Deeply Disappointed’

GOP congressman says the DOJ needs to restore faith in the justice system after bias revealed in report Rep. Trey Gowdy ...

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Justice Department IG Reveals FBI Corruption

Senior FBI agent threatened to prevent Trump election in text message; agents took gifts from reporters James Comey / Getty Images ...

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When a Neighbor Saw a Man Attacking a Woman With an Ax, He Grabbed His Gun

JENNI FINK |IJR An Ohio man shot and killed another man he saw attacking a woman with an ax outside of his home. According to The ...

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by Linda Shuker "To Gun or not to Gun?" ....that is the question. But, is it the 'right' question? Again, we, the ...

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Are Guns the Problem

By Rich Shuker   According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of Gun is: A complex arrangement of metal parts that is capable of ...

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DCCC Donor Partnered With Foreign Fund Accused of Embezzling Billions

DuSable Capital cofounder sent $33,900 to Democrat committee this year Frank White Jr. / Joe Schoffstall  / the Washington Free Beacon A major ...

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Walter Williams: Diversity and Inclusion Harm

By Walter E. Williams | cnsnews (Screenshot) In conversations with most college officials, many CEOs, many politicians and race hustlers, it's not long before ...

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113 Mexican Politicians Have Been Killed Since September

Proving the drug war isn’t working, Mexico registered a record 29,168 homicides in 2017, which is the 11th year of ...

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Letter writer urges use of the p-word



Use P word, Not L Word

By Arthur Herring III

Every time there is a tragedy, people start talking about making new laws. I call laws the “L” word. Instead, talk about punishment, the “P” word. After the recent school shooting in Florida, those school students are demanding new laws on gun control. No surprise that they are being used and pushed by the anti gun nuts. It was stated by a few students themselves that in a town hall meeting, hosted by CNN (Communist News Network), that CNN gave them the questions CNN wanted them to ask. I guess CNN did not think those know it all students could think of questions for themselves.

We must remember: Dead is Dead. The fact is, about 3,100 teenage drivers, 16 to 19, were killed as drivers in 2016, in just one year. Would those same teenage students who think they know what “new” laws should be made on gun control, want the driving age changed from 16 to 21 to save those 3,100 or more killed EACH year? They do not want anybody to be able to buy guns before age 21. Would they want themselves not to be able to drive before 21? They would have to demand their parents drive them around. Would their parents really want THAT law passed? Of course, they can ride bicycles. China uses bicycles for everybody. Would those teenagers demand that any driver that is convicted of drunk driving, be banned from driving for life for safety reasons? What about those drivers that have more than one accident? Would those same teenage genius’s demand they be banned for life? What about drivers who kill someone else in a accident? Would they be banned for life? Those teenagers should keep in mind, the age group 16 to 25 has the highest accident percentage of all drivers. They don’t realize their radical laws for gun control can be also made for them as “killers” behind the wheel.  Be careful what you wish for boys and girls.

The main problem is that severe punishment is NOT given out by the softy, leftist judges. The lawyer business thinks its purpose is to make up new excuses to get criminals found not guilty.  In California, there are about 750 convicted people on death row. About 50% of them have been there 20 years or more. Let’s start killing them to make more room for the next ones. If a person drives drunk or kills someone driving a car, they are just as dead as being shot. Start using the “P” word.


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