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White House Press Release--Full Pardons for the Hammonds

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 10, 2018   Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Clemency ...

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President Trump’s Clemency for Dwight and Steven Hammond

By 1600 Staff President Trump showed mercy by granting clemency to two Oregon ranchers who started fires on federal land. According to Fox ...

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Conservative campaign committee launches operation Montana

By Lloyd Marcus at Renew America If I sound a bit punchy, it is because my wife Mary and I got ...

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Little House on the Prairie now declared racist/homophobic!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America Here is another classic series of books, made into a film series, that now ...

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The Revolution of 1935

By Gregory Bresiger at This article is excerpted from Gregory Bresiger’s large monograph, The Revolution of 1935: The Secret History of ...

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Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Improved During Border “Outrage”

                                        ~ Conservative Zone While the mainstream media plastered photos of crying children on every screen they could, President Donald Trump’s approval ...

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DAVE/keep and bear If gun control laws are supposed to reduce gun violence and crimes, then explain why so many ...

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Number of People Shot in Chicago This Year Surpasses 1,400

 Admin /libertyheadlines There have been at least 246 homicides… (Madeline Buckley, Chicago Tribune) Four men were killed and 23 people were wounded by gunfire in ...

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Chicago Gun Control ‘Protest’ Shuts Down Major Hwy

     Editor /libertyheadlines “We came out here to do one thing: to shut it down… Today was the attention-getter, but now comes the ...

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Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools

'Why do teachers have to die protecting their students? Why can't we live protecting our students?' Teachers participate in FASTER Colorado ...

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The FISA Memo and the Demos’ Deep-State Operatives


The memo’s conclusions, though at risk of being lost in all the Demo/MSM hyperbole and the clashing titan political egos, are serious and troubling.

By Mark Alexander · at The Patriot Post/

After weeks of hyperbolic political and media speculation, President Donald Trump authorized the declassification and release of the House Intelligence Committee memo regarding abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by a handful of Barack Obama’s deep-state activists in key positions within the Department of Justice. Recall that the FISA court was set up in order to track foreign terrorists who are suspected of targeting the U.S.

The memo’s conclusions, though at risk of being lost in all the Demo/MSM hyperbole and the clashing titan political egos, are serious and troubling. They expose a corrupt and conspiratorial assault on Liberty and Rule of Law.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), whose committee generated the memo with House Oversight Committee Chairman and former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy (R-SC), its principal author, explained the memo’s significance: “I have an obligation to the American people when we see FISA abuse. The American citizens who come before this court have to be protected, and the only place that can protect them is the U.S. Congress when abuses do occur. … The committee has discovered serious violations of the public trust, and the American people have a right to know when officials in crucial institutions are abusing their authority for political purposes. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies exist to defend the American people, not to be exploited to target one group on behalf of another.”

Before detailing key findings in the FISA memo — and there are plenty — allow me to dispose of two Democrat objections to its release. Both of these objections will be invoked every time the memo is mentioned in order to sustain one of their 2018 midterm election strategy pillars — the Trump/Putin collusion delusion.

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