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3 Lies Democrats Peddle on Gun Control

Patriotic Viral News With Fake News media outlets commingling their propaganda with the extreme Left, the line between truth and fiction ...

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Federal Gun Rights Suit Against East St. Louis Housing Authority Filed on Behalf of Rape Victim

'It is simply unacceptable for citizens living in public housing to be denied their basic right to have a firearm ...

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Obama’s Justice Department Deleted 500,000 Criminals From Background Check Database

By Matt | Contributor | THE POLITICAL INSIDER Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich testified Wednesday that Barack Obama’s Justice Department directed the FBI to ...

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School Walkout Orchestrated, Financed, Implemented by Leftover Nazi Factions

    Written by Tony Elliott/EagleRising.   So, the anti gun NWO Nazis in Washington still in power want us to believe all these school ...

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Fighting for school property tax elimination, more accountability needed for state grants, + other news from Sen. Argall

In this email update: Fighting for school property tax elimination More accountability needed for state grants Working together to keep ...

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Barletta Introduces Workforce Development Bill to Help Fight Opioid Epidemic

Barletta Introduces Workforce Development Bill to Help Fight Opioid Epidemic   WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) introduced H.R. 5294, theTreating Barriers to ...

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State Representative Justin Simmons Report

  Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact The Weekly Roundup Thursday, March 15, 2018  The latest news from the State Capitol UPDATE: Downsizing the Legislature In ...

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FBI Recommends Lying McCabe Be Fired

After the critical recommendation, it's now up to AG Jeff Sessions to determine whether he is terminated. By Thomas Gallatin ·at ...

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CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp: ‘Hillary Clinton Was And Is Running A Global Financial Criminal Syndicate’

Shipp believes that this entire scandal regarding Hillary and the FBI and DOJ will likely end up being the biggest ...

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Bernie Sanders Colluded with a Foreign Government to Win the Election

~ American Liberty Report And the Russia probe played on. Liberals are increasingly frustrated that they can’t find anything substantial to ...

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Demos Don’t Care About Children Unless…


Violence is a cultural problem and until Democrats reverse the policies that have devastated our families and communities, violence will continue to rule the day.

By Mark Alexander · At The Patriot Post/

“Without religion, I believe that learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind.” —Benjamin Rush (1783)


While most of my “liberal” friends claim to care about young people, however misguided the expression of that “care” might sometimes be, most Democrat Party pols don’t give a damn about kids — unless, of course, their caskets can be used to construct political platforms.

I could substantiate that harsh criticism based solely on the fact that, every day, Democrats support ending the lives of 2,446 children before birth — and in doing so demonstrate their utter disregard for even the most defenseless of human life.

But in this instance, I’m alluding to Democrats’ statist policies, which have eroded our culture from top to bottom — including the families and especially the children who were once nourished by them. The devastating consequences play out in an endless loop of daily tragedies.

To that end, what follows are some observations in the wake of the mass murder in a Florida school by a sociopathic assailant.

What really happened in Florida

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) protested yesterday that if Congress does not pass “gun control” legislation, a.k.a. “gun confiscation legislation,” “We won’t have done our job to keep America’s families safe.”

Fact is, Democrat policies have, for generations, been a devastating wrecking ball demolishing “America’s families.”

What Schumer and his Democrats never dare suggest is the fact that violence in America is primarily a cultural problem rather than a “gun problem.”

They avoid that debate at all costs because it’s their failed statist

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