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Did Lincoln Want War?

  By Chris Calton at When studying the history of the Civil War, there are two things that become increasingly apparent about ...

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Pruitt's latest move is making the EPA more efficient in the permitting process with civil service reforms

By Natalia Castro at the Daily Torch and Americans for Limited Government The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been plagued with inefficiency for years. The Partnership for Public Service has ...

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U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee embraces 2017 DNI report that says Russia preferred Trump to win the 2016 election

  By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch and Americans for Limited Government The Senate Intelligence Committee has adopted the findings of the Jan. 6, 2017 Director of National Intelligence (DNI) ...

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I Had an Abortion. Here’s the Message I Want to Share With Other Women.

Victoria Robinson / The Daily Signal  An astounding 84 percent of post-abortive women believed abortion was their only choice. (Photo: Guido Koppes/agefotostock/Newscom) COMMENTARY BY Victoria ...

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Survey: 51% of Nonretirees Expect to Have Enough Money to Retire, 46% Don't

 Michael W. Chapman | cnsnews (YouTube) ( -- In its annual survey of Americans' concerns about retirement, Gallup discovered this year that 51% of ...

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Poll Has Trump Doing Better in One Area than Obama in All 8 Years

                    ~ Conservative Zone CNN reports that a new poll conducted for them by SSRS indicates 57 percent of Americans feel the ...

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Bolton: U.S. Will Reimpose Pre-Nuke Deal Sanctions on Iran

BY: Jack Heretik  /the Washington Free Beacon National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Sunday that the United States will reimpose the ...

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Trump’s North Korea Negotiation Nearly 20 Years In The Making

~ Conservative Zone For those who believe nuclear weapons in North Korea are a recent phenomenon, check your powder. The rogue ...

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Soros-Financed Group Warns Trump of ‘Consequences’ for Bolting Iran Deal

Kevin Wolf/AP by AARON KLEIN/Breitbart News Network TEL AVIV — A George Soros-financed organization that was previously identified by the Obama White House ...

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FBI Releases Pro-2nd Amendment Statement, States the Importance of Armed Citizens in America

  By Becky Loggia /WESTERN JOURNAL Active shooter incidents are defined as any incident involving one or more individuals who are actively engaged in ...

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Californians Beg Trump: Deport More Immigrants!


 California’s elected representatives want to make it difficult if not impossible for the Trump administration to arrest and deport illegal immigrants in their state, even if those immigrants have committed crimes while staying in this country. They’ve gone so far as to pass laws that prevent local officials from cooperating with federal authorities, laws that punish companies that let ICE take a look at their workforce, and even encourage mayors to give illegals a heads up if they know a raid is going down. It is a complete outlaw state of affairs at this point…but there is hope.

The first glimmers of that hope came when the small town of Los Alamitos voted to exempt themselves from California’s sanctuary policies. The next came when Orange County and San Diego followed suit, voting to file amicus briefs on behalf of the Justice Department, which is suing California under the claim that these laws are unconstitutional. And the latest glimmer of hope comes from the people of California themselves.

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