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The Stupidity of Ballot Harvesting and How It Steals Elections

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Nancy's Worst Fears

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Warren Attempts to Whitewash Her Not-S0-White Lie

Caught red-handed, the Demo presidential hopeful finally apologizes for phony ancestry claims. By Nate Jackson · at the Patriot Post/   Democrat presidential ...

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Congressional Candidate Dean Browning’s Press Release



Dean Browning Calls On Opponent To Provide Transparency On Who Supports Him

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dean Browning

Allentown, April 11, 2018 – As the Republican primary election for the Pennsylvania 7th Congressional district heats up, mailers from both candidates have started to arrive. Dean Browning has based his candidacy on being clear that he supports President Trump and on being transparent about who donates to his campaign for Congress. On the other hand, his opponent Marty Nothstein has supporters taking a less honest approach. There is a “dark money” PAC called Pennsylvanians For Conservative Policies, running ads on Nothstein’s behalf. In response to this, Browning released the following statement:

> “I’m calling on Marty Nothstein to be transparent and bring his supporters out of the dark and into the open,” Browning said. “Nothstein needs to denounce these ads and demand transparency from this dark money group. We all need to ask ourselves, what is this group hiding that they’ve gone out of their way to set up their organization in such a fashion that they will not be required to disclose their donors?”
> Nothstein’s own public finance disclosures show that his campaign is being largely supported by a “Never-Trumper”, Wayne Woodman. Woodman wrote a scathing op-ed before the election in 2016, where he denounced Donald Trump’s candidacy and pledged that, “I will support those who are willing to resist and oppose a President Trump”.
> “Marty Nothstein’s campaign for Congress is being bankrolled by an establishment millionaire who publicly trashed President Trump and left the Republican Party after Donald Trump became the Republican nominee in 2016,” said Browning. “Primary voters in Pennsylvania deserve to know just how far down the rabbit hole Nothstein has gone with the never-Trump movement.”

Dean Browning is also a longtime champion of government transparency. He led the charge to require campaign finance reports and video recordings of Commissioners’ meetings to be posted online and passed an ordinance to let voters set term limits for county politicians.

Browning added, “I’ve always felt that transparency in campaign finance was critical. Voters deserve to have all the facts in front of them. This group supporting Marty Nothstein is holding themselves to a different standard than a regular campaign. Nothstein needs to do the right thing and call on this group to disclose the source of the money behind the ads.”

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