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Pollak: Michael Flynn Sentencing Document Shows Collusion — Between Media, Deep State, and Obama Admin

   Joel Pollak/ Breitbart News Network Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a sentencing memorandum Tuesday with the federal court in Washington, D.C. that ...

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Trump Announces Clinton Email Investigation is Back On

                ~ American Liberty Report Just when you thought it was safe to be the least successful and most corrupt prominent politician ...

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Mueller-referred probe into Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig, Clinton-linked Tony Podesta heats up: report

By Gregg Re | Fox News Report: Mueller refers Podesta inquiry to NY prosecutors Robert Mueller's investigation leads to new probes over illicit ...

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Mueller Now The Object Of 4 Criminal Complaints

Robert Mueller not only needs to be immediately fired, but prosecuted as a traitor to his country.  TIM BROWN — Freedom Outpost  On ...

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Judge Orders State and Justice Departments to Reopen Clinton Email Case

News Commentary By Rusty | Featured Contributor |  The Political Insider A federal judge has ordered the U.S. State and Justice Departments to reopen the case ...

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By Tori McNabb/Red Right Videos. Judicial Watch (JW) went to court to force Hillary Clinton to answer more questions on ...

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Lawsuit Seeks Records of FBI Meetings with Clinton-DNC Law Firm in 2016

The real collusion scandal is the hand-in-hand effort by the Clinton campaign and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy upon and ...

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What Does it REALLY Mean to be a “Nationalist”?

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter Not long ago, President Donald Trump proudly proclaimed himself to be a nationalist, and the left went ...

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Rush Limbaugh Predicts Republicans To Join Democrats In Opposing Trump

As Democrats and Trump-opposing Republicans stand poised to engage in actions against Trump in hopes of a "win", the only ...

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WaPo, NYT Lament Auto Workers Blaming GM—Not Trump—For Layoffs

'While critics faulted the president for failing to deliver what he promised, a number of workers were quick to exonerate ...

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Honoring Fallen Officer with Highway Dedication–Rep. Martina White’s Report


Legislative Update
Friday, April 13, 2018  The latest news from the State Capitol
Honoring Fallen Officer with Highway Dedication
Legislation I am co-sponsoring with Rep. John Taylor that would designate a portion of PA Route 73 as the Police Officer Isabel Nazario Memorial Highway was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this week.Isabel Santiago Nazario graduated from Olney High School in 1986 and joined the Philadelphia Police Academy on Jan. 8, 1990. She served as a member of the Philadelphia Police Department for 18 years and was part of the Narcotics Strike Force and assigned to the 16th Police District in West Philadelphia.Unfortunately, Nazario was tragically killed in the line of duty on Sept. 5, 2008, when her patrol car was struck by a stolen SUV at 39th and Wallace streets in Philadelphia. She was 40 years old.House Bill 2067 would designate the section of PA Route 73, also known as Cottman Avenue, between U.S. Route 13 and U.S. Route 1 in the City of Philadelphia, the Police Officer Isabel Nazario Memorial Highway.Each and every day, Philadelphians will pass through this portion of the highway and remember Officer Nazario’s ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. It is my hope this memorial will allow her legacy of commitment, honor and selflessness to live on.House Bill 2067 now goes to the state Senate for consideration. 

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