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FBI Releases Pro-2nd Amendment Statement, States the Importance of Armed Citizens in America

  By Becky Loggia /WESTERN JOURNAL Active shooter incidents are defined as any incident involving one or more individuals who are actively engaged in ...

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Santa Fe High School Weapons Policy: Firearms, Ammunition Prohibited

Michael Ciaglo/Houston Chronicle via AP  By AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News Network The weapons policy of Santa Fe High School in Texas makes clear ...

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10 Dead After Shots Fired in Texas High School – Suspect Identified

DANIEL KRAMER/AFP/Getty Images  By Breitbart Texas The suspect in a deadly school shooting that left nine students and one teacher dead on Friday has ...

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ANDREW WEST/keepandbear There is a new fear gripping Americans in 2018, and it has nothing to do with Russia, no matter ...

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D JOLLY/GAP/Great American Politics Liberals have once again been mounting their efforts to call for gun bans in the United States. Some say ...

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Hero Cop Shoots Armed Ex-Student Preventing Possible School Massacre

Officer returned fire and injured the suspect, nobody else hurt Getty Images BY: Stephen Gutowski/ Washington Free Beacon School resource officer Mark Dallas of the ...

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Marine Veteran and Double Amputee Lays Into 'Dismissive' VA for Turning Him Away Without Treatment

SAM DORMAN | IJR Last week, Marine veteran Johnny Jones detailed his incredibly frustrating experience trying to obtain pain medication from a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Georgia: Jones ...

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Denver mayor says officer 'didn't deserve' son's foul-mouthed outburst during traffic stop

By Greg Norman | Fox News Jordan Hancock during a court appearance Monday.  (The Denver Channel) The Denver mayor whose son was caught ...

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Why We Honor Our Fallen Police Officers This Week

Rep. Dave Reichert / @davereichert / The Daily Signal  Police officers salute as President Donald Trump arrives to give remarks at the National Peace ...

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Barletta Honors Law Enforcement in Recognition of National Police Week

Barletta Honors Law Enforcement in Recognition of National Police Week   Barletta with Luzerne Borough Police Chief Michael Kotwasinski during one of his main ...

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Letter from John Bingaman of Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society



Dear LVC Editor,



 by John Bingaman at Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society

It’s not hard to find editorials and essays seriously hand-wringing about
the state of civility in Western society. Think about all the outrages
being discussed:

  • Public education
    • Political intrigue and follies
    • Police abuses
    • Monetary & economic abasement
    • Military uncertainties
    • Global warming / cooling / “change”
    • Sexual misconduct

You probably have your own list – maybe longer, maybe shorter. But
surely you have a list.

Now think about the diagnoses and prescriptions of the essays and news
articles you read. When was the last time you read anything of
significance regarding what you might do to make things better?
Mostly, the essays leave their readers in despair – “Just reporting the
facts, ma’am.”

Perhaps you’ll read a prescription for how to protect yourself from the
on-going slide down the slippery slope. Often, there’s the default
petition to civil government to impose or increase enforcement of some
rule that might solve the difficulty. But that’s always something that
“someone” should do.

Without guidance on how to effect change, our “fight or flight” response
is engaged but directionless. And the despair rides on.

Review my list above; review your own list. Does not each of the
societal ills root from a break in morality and ethics? And here we are
again, back to the notion of Right and Wrong. (Seems like that’s all I
write about).

Having left our Bibles to search for truth elsewhere we always end up in
despair and mis-diagnosed and prescription-less. But that’s the point of
this message.

When you read the latest outrage or the next novel analysis of societal
ills, note how assiduously the writer avoids pointing out that the problem
is our abandonment of Christian norms. The lost heritage of a Christian
worldview applied outside the church is the single, basic problem being
manifested in our lists of ills. The commentators, journalists, legislators
and others will suggest Anything But That.

So, what can we do? In conversation, in letters to editors, in on-line
comments and responses we must point out to anyone and everyone that
only when society holds to a common moral code will that society hold
together. If every man does what’s right in his own eyes, our lists will
grow because the conflicts will multiply.

Most importantly, the common moral code we point to must be the
Bible. It’s worked before, it will work again. The solutions to our lists
of problems are to be found in the re-capture of the biblical moral code.



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