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The not so innocent Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

  By Victor Sharpe at Renew America Let us first consider those miserable 'journalists' who hide in safety while weaving their ...

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This California Mayor, an Immigrant Himself, Explains Why He’s ‘Very Proud’ to Deport Illegal Immigrants From His City

Nick Givas / @NGivasDC / The Daily Signal “I am very proud, you know, as an immigrant, as a leader of this city, to ...

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GOP Senator: U.S. Should 'Confiscate' Cartel Money to Build Trump's Border Wall

KELCEY CAULDER | IJR Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images/Getty Images Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy (La.) said he believes the United States should “confiscate” money from Mexican drug cartels ...

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Mexican Woman Charged With Stealing Identity of U.S. Citizen, Using It to Cast Illegal Votes

  By Rusty | Featured Contributor | The Political Insider Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his office will pursue prosecution of one Laura Janeth Garza, ...

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Ga. State Sen. Touts ‘Deportation Bus Tour,' Plan to 'Fill This Bus With Illegals to Send Them Back’

By Craig Bannister | cnsnews Ga. State Sen. Williams shows off "Deportation Bus" (Screenshot) Georgia State Senator Michael Williams (R) will hit the road ...

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Are illegal immigration amnesty Republicans trying to hand majority back to Pelosi?

    By Printus LeBlanc at the Daily Torch The amnesty crowd on Capitol Hill is up to its old tricks again, still pushing the idea of ...

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[Must Read] Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!

Untitled Document 1. Illegal ID Cards Blur Church-State Line in Texas In the face of Texas's ban on sanctuary cities, a group ...

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Walter Williams: Kanye and Democrats

By Walter E. Williams | cnsnews President Donald J. Trump and Kanye West (Screenshot) In the aftermath of the Kanye West dust-up, my heart ...

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Letter writer sends message to the establishment

  Editor The day following elections the obvious and most frequently asked question is, who won? Perhaps the more telling question might ...

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Transparent Times - May 2018

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact Transparent Times Read the full text of the latest edition here. Let's Get Connected Our District Web Site Office Locations 2525 Rochester Road, ...

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In the Shadow of the Almighty

As distress, confusion, and uncertainty are on the rise in the world around us, there is a place of peace, hope, and rest. In Psalm 91 the Psalmist tells us that this place is found in the “shadow of the Almighty.” Are you abiding in this place or are you overcome by the perilous circumstances of this world?

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Save The Persecuted Christians:
Join APN in Raising Awareness of Christian Persecution Worldwide

North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan have in common an appalling attribute: they are ranked as the world’s top five countries perpetrating “extreme persecution” of Christians according to the World Watch List from Open Doors USA.

Such persecution occurs so routinely that it rarely makes headlines. According to Open Doors, 255 Christians are killed worldwide every month. 104 Christians are abducted. 180 Christian women are raped, sexually assaulted or forced into marriage. 160 Christians are detained or imprisoned without trial. And 66 churches are attacked. Every month.

In response to such outrages and with a shared determination to protect their victims, scores of individuals and organizations have come together to launch the Save the Persecuted Christians (STPCCoalition, ( STPC’s mission is to protect Christians worldwide who are suffering discrimination, torture, rape, slavery, banishment and murder—simply because they believe in Jesus.

The goal of the STPC Coalition is greatly to reduce—and to deter—the further, global persecution of Christians. Beyond calling attention to the oppression of Christians worldwide, the immediate task is to disseminate actionable information about ways in which the American people can help those being persecuted.

Join the initiative today to help build awareness and encourage engagement by

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Pastor: Address prophecy and Islam from your pulpit

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